Brave New World Double Entry Journals

It was because about 3 centuries ago all classes of people were conditioned to like nature and transportation but that meant on the weekend they were unproductive so now they are conditioned to like transportation and country sports, which means they still consume transportation. | Pg. 30 “Human beings used to be. ” he hesitated; the blood rushed to his cheeks. “Well, they used to be viviparous. ”| What does viviparous mean? The context of it in the book seems to be like a bad word would be today to say.

After this line it says “Born”.

Viviparous: (of an animal) Bringing forth live young that have developed inside the body of the parent. (Dictionary. com) I was right it meant to have kids, BNW people are so used to babies being hatched and don’t know what it’s like for someone to give birth. | Pg. 32 “Moral education, which ought never, in any circumstances, to be rational. ”| The D. H. C. expresses the idea that moral education is accepted in the society.

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However, those morals are determined by ‘The World Controllers’. Reasoning, fate, or God do not play a role in moral education.

Nothing is to ever be based on proper reasoning and especially emotion. | Pg. 34. “Till at last the child’s mind is these suggestions, and the sum of the suggestions is the child’s mind. And not the child’s mind only. The adult’s mind too all his life long. The mind that judges and desires and decides- made up of these suggestions.

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But all these suggestions are our suggestions! ” The Director almost shouted in his triumph. “Suggestions from the State. ”| Everything the people think or want to do is from the state. People can’t/aren’t allowed to think for their self’s.

They are told what they do and don’t like. The Director seems very proud about how the state can decide on what the kids are to know/learn. If you think about it closely this is almost done in today’s society. Schools are all regulated per region in the world and things are chosen on what kids should learn, and what is morally right/wrong. | Pg. 35 “Nowadays the Controllers won’t approve of any new game unless it can be shown that it requires at least as much apparatus as the most complicated of existing games. ”| Why would the controllers not allow a game that is simpler than any current games?

All games must be more complex in how it works than current ones to be approved. Is this done to make people who invent things to think harder too make it more complex that in turn, the people are thinking harder and able to hopefully produce better things for the society? | Pg. 35 “Two children, a little boy of about seven and a little girl who might have been a year older, were playing, very gravely and with all the focused attention of scientists intent on a labor of discovery, a rudimentary sexual game. “Charming, charming! ” the D. H. C. repeated sentimentally. | Is it just me or is it weird that the society pushes promiscuously on kids age 7 and 8. Also the director seems to enjoy watching the two kids erotic behavior. | Pg. 35 “This little boy seems rather reluctant to join in the ordinary erotic play. ….. “And so,” she went on, turning back to the Director, “I’m taking him in to see the Assistant Superintendent of Psychology. Just to see if anything’s at all abnormal. ”| Maybe there isn’t anything wrong with the boy, BNW society is basically forcing little kids to explore/have sex with each other. What can the superintendent of psychology tell you other than that the kid doesn’t ant too have sex. It is also creepy that they all look the exact same. | Pg. 39 “Our Ford’s: History is bunk. History,” he repeated slowly, “is bunk. ”” | I know in real life Henry Ford said something along those lines; “”History is more or less bunk. It’s tradition. We don’t want tradition. We want to live in the present, and the only history that is worth a tinker’s damn is the history that we make today. ” (Chicago Tribune, 1916). | Pg. 41 “I’ve been feeling rather out of sorts lately,” Fanny explained. “Dr. Wells advised me to have a Pregnancy Substitute. “But, my dear, you’re only nineteen. The first Pregnancy Substitute isn’t compulsory till twenty-one. ”| Since no one in the society has children it seems as though once each female turns 21 they have a pregnancy substitute to mimic pregnancy. This is maybe done so no one has an odd urge to have a baby. | Pg. 42 “Again? ” Fanny’s kind, rather moon-like face took on an incongruous expression of pained and disapproving astonishment. “Do you mean to tell me you’re still going out with Henry Foster? ”| In the society it seems like a very big disapproval of people especially to date/marry.

People are only supposed to go out together one night, have sex, and be done with each other that is why Fanny is questioning Lenina. | Pg. 45 “After all, every one belongs to every one else. ”| This keeps coming up throughout the book that after all everyone (belongs/works) to/for everyone else. The society here shows that they believe everyone is equal. Why would they make differ class groups for the society? | Pg. 47 “They say somebody made a mistake when he was still in the bottle-thought he was a Gamma and put alcohol into his blood-surrogate. That’s why he’s so stunted. | So in the BNW society to stunt the growth and brainpower of select groups they put alcohol into the blood that is transferred over the embryo to stunt the growth. In today’s time research has been shown that if you drink alcohol when pregnant a baby can be born with birth defects or have a mentally disorder. | Pg. 48 “The Nine Years’ War began in A. F. 141. ”…. “The Nine Years’ War, the great Economic Collapse. There was a choice between world Control and destruction. Between stability and . ”| It can be inferred that the conflict broke out in Europe, affected most of the planet, and caused massive physical damage.

It is repeatedly stated that chemical and biological weapons were used during the war, particularly in mass air-raids against cities. Following the war, the global economy collapsed and created an unprecedented worldwide economic crisis. The new world leaders tried to forcibly impose their new ideologies on Earth’s populations. This met with widespread resistance, including large-scale riots. Realizing that they could not force people to adopt the new lifestyle, the World Controllers instead united the planet into the One World State and began a peaceful campaign of change.

This campaign included the closing of museums, the suppression of almost all literature published before 2058, and the destruction of the few historical world monuments that had survived the war. | Pg. 51 “Ending is better than mending” | There are many meanings to this statement. One could be the clear one that when you have an old pair of clothes to throw it out instead of trying to fix it. This helps the BNW economy by people always spending money to buy new clothes.

A second point I took from this quote was with the ‘Nine Years War’ that it was better to end and restart how the world worked than trying to reorganize the planet and trying to pick up from where we were before the war. | Pg. 51 “The introduction of Our Ford’s first T-Model . ”| At first I thought their god/creator was some guy named Ford but now I’m peaty sure Huxley implies that it is Henry Ford. I stated this because Ford’s first model of car he made was called the T-Model. (Wikipedia) | Pg. 64 “It’s not enough for the phrases to be good; what you make with them ought to be good too. | He is telling him that it doesn’t matter if the phrases are good it’s how you make them good. He is implying the idea of using your mind and not what is given to you. Future Rebel? | Pg. 67 “Fine to think we can go on being socially useful even after we’re dead. Making plants grow. ”| Even after your dead the society still uses you for it’s personal gain they take your body and it’s turned into fertilizer for crops to grow!!! | Pg. 75 “Orgy-porgy, Ford and fun,Kiss the girls and make them One. Boys at one with girls at peace;Orgy-porgy gives release. ”| This is talking about and orgy.

The last stanza of “orgy-porgy gives release” as the violent passion surrogate, the surrogate pregnancy and the soma, is a sign that the World State has not been able to completely annihilate from human nature. There is still some need for liberation, a need to experience strong emotions that have not been completely wiped out through conditioning. Solidarity Service is one of many mechanisms used to channel state of the excitement, so that they present no threat to state power. | Pg. 77 “Not more than half a dozen people in the whole Centre had ever been inside a Savage Reservation.

As an Alpha-Plus psychologist, Bernard was one of the few men she knew entitled to a permit. For Lenina, the opportunity was unique. ”| What is a savage reservation? Is it an area where they keep a group of normal people like you and me in today’s time? In case something goes wrong or for emergencies they can have back up DNA. | Pg. 78 ““In a crowd,” he grumbled. “As usual. ” He remained obstinately gloomy the whole afternoon; wouldn’t talk to Lenina’s friends (of whom they met dozens in the ice-cream soma bar between the wrestling bouts)”| It seems like people in BNW like too be in crowds and together.

But Bernard seems like the only person who doesn’t like to be with groups of people. Is this because of something going wrong when he was in a test tube? | Pg. 84 “Don’t imagine,” he said, “that I’d had any indecorous relation with the girl. Nothing emotional, nothing long-drawn. ”| The director is thinking that Bernard is thinking the director had more than a sexual relationship with the women he brought to the reserve, which is against BNW rules in the society because after all everyone belongs to everyone. Pg. 88 “Five hundred and sixty thousand square kilometers, divided into four distinct Sub-Reservations, each surrounded by a high-tension wire fence. ”| Why would the reservations have to be subdivided and need for instant death electric fences? Maybe each reserve has a different race and they want each race to be separate and to protect their own traditions and culture. It is maybe also for science to not be able to get in to the people in the reserves. |

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