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Brand Promotion of Nestle

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Nestle has a wide market for infant food in India. Nestle India enjoys a monopolistic position in baby foods Nestle has about 80% of market share in the baby cereal segment alone – which is a promising segment in future. Some of the Infant foods of nestle includes: Lactogen, Cerelac, Good Start, NAN, Nido etc. And all the infant foods except Nido come in different and innovative tastes according to the stages and growth of the children. Sauces and Ketchups: Nestle India introduced versatile types of sauces and ketchups according to the taste buds of Indian consumers under the brand name “Maggi”.

There are numerous varieties of sauces which range from usual Tomato sauces, tangy ones, sour ones, continental ones, to the recent tamarind sauce which is yet to be introduced in some of the localities in India. Breakfast cereals: Nestle International has already taken up the breakfast segments of the International consumers. There is no doubt that Nestle India would also take up the Indian markets in its hands by the wide range of breakfast cereals.

Some of the cereals include Nesquik which is targeted towards the kids, Cheerios towards Adults and Cookie Crisp for all age groups.

Milk and dairy products


The largest segment of nestle is Milk and Dairy products. Nestle India focused and involved closely in this sector for the last 3 decades, also in the process of developing strong relationship with more than 85,000 farmers country wide. As a result Nestle has the best quality milk in India.

Dairy products

Nestle is known for its dairy products especially, “Milkmaid” which has an unbeatable taste and other dairy products of nestle includes fresh and natural curd, light curd, and fruit flavored curd

Famous chocolates of nestle includes Nestle Milk Chocolate, Nestle Milky bar, Nestle Munch, Nestle Kitkat, Nestle Bar One, and Polo.

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All these chocolates come in different flavors.

Instant Food and Cooking Aids


Nestle India’s Instant noodles “Maggi” is preferred by 80% of the consumers around the nation and the brand Maggi provides lots of attractive and tasty noodle variety targeting the kids and the adults especially office going people. Maggi is the largest and the most loved brand of Nestle India presently Maggi comes in 9 different and innovative flavors.

Cooking Aids

An Indian Masala powder for cooking for enhancing the taste of the food we cook. “Maggi Bhuna Masala” is the magical powder which increases the taste of Indian food. Bottled water: Nestle has launched its packaged drinking water “Pure Life” which is an upcoming water brand o nestle sure to hit the markets of India.

Nestle India – Market Leader

Nestle India is the market leader of Infant food, Instant coffee, and Milk Maid, the greatest market leader in Instant noodles “Maggi’.

Social Impact of Nestle Global:

Water saving initiatives held in India: Nestle India conducted a water saving campaign in Moga, Punjab where the brand has the largest milk districts. The campaign was about the water scarce and how scarce in water affects the production of milk.

Happy Day in New Papua Guinea: Joining hands with the ministry of health in New Papua Guinea, Nestle conducted a Personal hygiene program initiating the nutritive values and health ailments faced due to the nutrition deficiency.

Awareness campaign in North Africa – Nido: Nestle in North Africa conducted an awareness program regarding their launch of Nido in the markets of North Africa. Focusing on feeding mothers and infants. Nestle also conducts various awareness programs in different regions instructing the importance of water and the benefits of the purity and innovation of Nestle’s Water. Products of Nestle in India: (Pictorial Representation) Infant Formula: Sauces and Ketchups:

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