Brand new adventure park Essay

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Brand new adventure park

Afan Valley Adventure Park is a brand new adventure park opening soon in Afan Valley South Wales. The park is home to many exhilarating rides, but not only thrill seekers will enjoy Afan Valley, as there is a large on site petting zoo for the youngsters. Afan Valley is also home to one of the biggest wooden roller coasters on Britain! It’s loops and hoops will make you dizzy with excitement just looking at it! But Afan Valley does not just cater for the thrill seekers of the family, under 5’s can enjoy the gentler pace of our tree tops kiddies roller coaster or our Teletubbies flying aeroplanes.

After all the excitement of the rides you can relax in one of our many bar/restaurants while the kids play safely in one of our supervised cri?? ches. You can also take an after dinner stroll on one of our scenic country walks, which we have proudly been awarded the David Bellamy Gold award for conservation. There are many items available to hire at A. V. A. P for a small fee, such as mountain bikes, children’s buggies and hiking boots. These are available to reserve before you arrive at the park. Included on the following pages is an application form for membership to Afan Valley.

There are many benefits of becoming a member for the very reasonable fee of i?? 15 a month. You will receive a regular newsletter telling you about all of the up dated facilities and new rides and also included will be a map of the park, for you to find your way around. Another special benefit of becoming a member is free entry to the park as much as you want and also free car parking. So all you have to pay is the once a month payment of i?? 15. I intend to use the database to sort members into different categories and to find contact numbers easily. I also want to use the database to sort for members who have not paid their subscriptions.

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