Brand Munchy Essay

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Brand Munchy

1.0 Introduction
Munchy’s is a brand for various product foods which is includes wafers, roll wafers and biscuit. Today, Munchy’s has produced more than 70 products which are biscuits, wafers and crackers. Captain Munch Cookies, Lexus Sandwich Crackers, Oat Krunch, Muzic & Nuss Wafer Cubes, Sugar & Lite Cream Crackers, Mini Sandwich Biscuits, Munchini, Yosss & Speed Wafer Sticks, Marie Biscuits and Gigabite Wafer Rolls are the best seller among the products of Munchy’s. Munchy’s is successfully in their branding and become number one wafer producer and number two for producing biscuits in Malaysia. Both Munchy Food Industries Sendiri Berhad (MFI) and Munchy World Marketing Sendiri Berhad (MW) are entities of Munchy’s. The main factory of munchy’s is located at Batu Pahat, Malaysia. There have around 60 countries and over 20 000 retailers in Malaysia is selling Munchy’s products. Besides that, 12 distribution and marketing offices is located in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.

The mission of Munchy’s is to provide joyful, cheeky and reasonable price of biscuits and snacks for everybody. In 2020, Munchy’s wish to achieve 100 countries is distributing their products to accomplish their vision. Munchy’s believe that they can become a well-known brand with continuously development and improvement in their products. They will continue to work hardly for fun snack dream and be recognized as a brand that makes Malaysia proud.

2.0 SWOT Analysis
SWOT analysis is a strategic tool which is used to analyze the internal and external factors for helping to identify the organization’s goals by determining and overcome obstacles that will be faced (Ahmad Reza Ommani, 2011). SWOT can be divided into internal factors (strengths and weaknesses) and external factors (opportunities and threats).

Munchy’s always choose the best ingredients to produce delicious biscuit and wafers. Munchy’s believe that highest quality of biscuit and wafer stick is only can be produced with using the best ingredient. Thus, they are considerate all aspect when choosing supplier of ingredient. Besides that, they also focus on their brand building by hiring an international adviser to create a unique and well-known brand around the world. Since Munchy’s biscuits are produce in Malaysia, it helps in lowering their production costs. Thus, Munchy’s has become Number 1 brand biscuit in Malaysia in 2008. Furthermore, strength of Munchy’s is focusing on product development continuously by designing product packaging and their brand image to attract more customers to support their product.

Munchy’s is just emphasize on the packing of their products and how to make their product more creativity and innovative. This becomes weakness of Munchy’s as they don’t have various with their product and flavor. For example, Nestle Company has various products like milo, coffee, milk, yogurt, ice-cream and others. The value of their products in market can be enhanced with this variety of products as customers range is increased. Besides that, there are some products of Munchy’s which are quite sweets. It is not so suitable for people who have diabetes.

Next, there will be Munchy’s opportunities. Munchy’s has joint ventures with retailers such as supermarkets. The benefits of consolidation with retailers are going to get better locations for franchisees. Besides that, Munchy’s also responds to social changes by doing innovation and development to produce healthier lifestyle biscuits such as Oat Krunch. Since the price of Munchy’s biscuits is quite reasonable, financial crises would not have impact on biscuit market. Furthermore, Munchy’s has a very good forecast for the future. In addition, Asians love sweets are also an advantageous to Munchy’s in promote their product.

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