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Even though RFID Seems to be faster than bar-coding process but the comparison between the two shows the following: •There is a big difference between the two systems for read range. For a passive Ultra High Frequency (UHF) for up to 40 feet and active RFID For up to 100 feet, there is no read range required in most cases but a bar code system requires having read range from several inches up to several feet.

Also, thousands of pieces can be scanned in much less time as compared to barcode scanning.

In a nutshell, it is much quicker than barcode and does not require one person to keep scanning every single item while scanning the barcode with laser technology. 3. What do you recommend Mr. Bracket do in the short and long terms? Explain your reasoning. As stated in the case study, Bracket International had problems adapting quickly to changing customer requirements and as a result they had to deny Wolf Furniture job order request .


Bracket needs to slowly bring in the RFID while training staff members on how to use it effectively. Also, he needs to be able to access the RFID support until the whole staff is trained and is fast enough to use the technology and also have a great knowledge of using RFID to meet customer needs as well as being flexible for on-demand point of sale systems.

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