BPTP launching “Park Generations” Sec-37 D, Gurgaon

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BPTP launching

“Park Generations”

Sec-37 D, Gurgaon near to the Airport and NH-8

It gives us immense pleasure to present “Park Generations”, the new group housing project of BPTP in Sector-37D, Gurgaon right next to the upcoming 150 meters Dwarka Expressway also known as the Northern Periphery Road (NPR). It is hardly 9km from the Delhi border and once the express way will start in around 18 month’s time, it will hardly take 10minutes to reach the site. Moreover a metro line has already been sanctioned along the expressway.

It has a range of 3 & 4 bedroom apartments to suit your budget perfectly. Each apartment is tastefully carved out to create adequate living space for the family as well as a corner for individual pursuit with Split A/C in all the rooms.

• Located on the proposed 60 meters sector road.
• Approachable from both NH8 & proposed 150 meters Dwarka expressway.
Exclusive Features
• Split A/C in all the rooms
• Facing vast expanse of green reserve.

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• 5 minutes from Hero Honda Chowk & 15 minutes from IGI airport.
• Extensive landscaping.
• Well designed recreational area.
• Club with swimming pool & state-of-the-art health facilities.
• In-complex daily shopping facilities.
• Close to the proposed metro station.
Price Rs. 3565 PSF.

The booking amount

3BHK ——————–Rs. 5 Lakhs

3 BHK + Lifestyle room –Rs. 6Lakhs

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BPTP launching “Park Generations” Sec-37 D, Gurgaon

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