Boyz N the Hood Essay

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Boyz N the Hood

In the movie Boyz N the Hood there is a constant conflict that follows many of the characters. The movie takes place in South Central Los Angeles, which is a very dangerous neighborhood. There are lots of shootings, drugs, and other crimes which take place there on a daily basis. This is a predominantly African American neighborhood and the movie portrays this idea with all black people. Throughout the movie, the conflict of every day violence and crime asserts itself and makes life tough for these young men.

Tre, the main character, is forced to move in with his dad after he breaks a contract with his mom and gets into a little scuffle with one of his classmates at school. While living with his dad, he gets a taste of this bad neighborhood very early. The first night he is staying with his father, a burglar sneaks into the house and attempts to rob the house. Tre’s father hears the burglar in the family room and grabs his magnum and shoots at him frightening Tre. A day or two later after Tre gets back from the beach with his father he comes home to the sight of his good friend Doughboy getting taken away in a police car. He stole from a market because he had no money, got caught, and as a result he gets sent to jail. He realizes very quickly while living with his father that there is a lot of danger that is around him.

The movie fast forwards seven years and the scene is a party at Ricky and Doughboy’s house, who are brothers. Doughboy had returned from one of his few trips to jail and there is a little welcome back party to celebrate for him. Shortly after his return, doughboy is hanging outside with two of his friends when a black man rips the necklace of his friend’s neck and bolts off. The three boys chase down the man and beat him on the ground; punching, kicking, and throwing a trash can at him and they get the necklace back.

While Tre, Ricky, Doughboy, and the rest of their crew are at the Crenshaw car show one night, Ricky is bumped by a random man. Both crews start getting into and chipping back and forth and after the other men leave, the other crew unloads uzi clips into the air causing everyone to scatter. The following day Ricky and Tre are on a walk back to Ricky’s house from the market when they spot the red car in which the men from the other night ride in.

They hop a fence and make it to a back alley and decide to split up. While Ricky is walking down the alley he spots the car again and tries to run away. They fire a shotgun at him twice and hit him in the leg and the chest. He instantly dies right in front of his best friend Ricky. Later that evening Doughboy and two of the other boys go to avenge their fallen brother. They find the three boys at a café late at night and end up gunning down all three of them for killing Ricky. Day after day in South Central there is violence and crime and there is no getting away from that. At the end of the movie it says that Doughboy was murdered just two weeks later.

The movie takes place in a very dangerous neighborhood and for some of the boys they pay the ultimate price, death. Luckily for Tre he is able to stay out of the violence, but he himself is put at gunpoint twice during the movie. No matter what the boys do there is nothing they can do about the crime and violence that takes place in their neighborhood. Day in and day out there is some kind of crime going on around them. This conflict haunts Tre and his friends throughout the whole movie, and unfortunately he loses to of his good longtime friends.

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