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Boys and Girls Essay

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Teachers are in a unique position to cultivate children’s cross gender interactions and friendships. By intentionally planning and supporting certain experiences, educators can encourage children to build a social world characterized by meaningful relationships with peers of both sexes. To purposely increase engagement and interactions between boys and girls, teachers must tune in to the social patterns in the classroom. Systematic observations are useful, such as scanning the room and playground periodically and jotting down which children are playing together and where.

Teachers can create opportunities that can bring boys and girls together to communicate, cooperate, play, and learn with one another. It is Important to address these occurrences. Gender exclusion is just as hurtful and unfair as exclusions based on any other characteristics, leaving the child to feel rejected and potentially perpetuating gender stereotyping. Never use race or religion to label a child in any manner. Making sure that every child feels accepted and welcome by supporting a positive classroom environment.

In an inclusive classroom children and teachers celebrate diversity and discover similarities and common interests. When taking action to help children focus on these common interests, teachers create opportunities for boys and girls to share positive experiences with one another. When boys and girls work and play together in positive ways, they discover common ground and practice negotiation, cooperation, and communication skills with one another.

All of these experiences give the children the opportunity to learn and develop attitudes of respect and acceptance, and to broaden their social competence. With planning and attention to the classroom environment, activities, and routine practices, and with support for the children in their interactions and relationships, teachers can create and foster opportunities for peer experiences between boys and girls. This article is talking about chapter 7-8 in the textbook. It talks about ocial competence and fostering creativity in play between boys and girls.

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The social skill is to facilitate interaction and communicate with others. Most children tend to group people and things into simple categories in order to make sense of their world. The concepts I have chosen are communicate, interact, and encourage. These are the 3 concepts can help me have a positive and fun environment for the child in my classroom. It will be a positive outcome on how the children learn the difference between genders and acceptance without exaggeration.

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