Boy Overboard

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This book is about a family who have an up and down journey it starts by them leaving but as their house blows up which was the first sign that told them to get out of there. Then when they reach their smuggling plane Jamal was shocked to find out that his mum sold their family heirloom that was their only good luck charm. But it seems they don’t need it because they seem to get out of a refugee camp get found at sea by a warship which bring them to a detention centre on an island but do they get off that island and to Australia the story doesn’t answer.

Andrew: Andrew is a loving caring man who cares about the people who he loves and knows. He knows how to treat people the way he’d like to be treated, Andrew is a very outgoing person and he likes everyone to be his friend. Jamal: Jamal Likes to save when they’re in trouble, and when he’s got a dream or he wants to achieve something he gives all he’s got and he never lets it go and he makes sure everyone around him is watching when he does his magnificent soccer skills.

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Bibi: Bibi gets frustrated when someone isn’t going on plan or when someone’s bad news. Bibi gets stuck into something she likes but can sometimes get a bit rough. If you get to know her she will treat you even if you’re different.

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Dad: Dad will go to extreme measures to save a person in danger, from my point of view dad gets very tense and likes to get things over and done with so he doesn’t have to have stuff on his shoulders.

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