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Bouncing balls Essay

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To investigate the effect on the bounce of a squash ball if it’s dropped when, the temperature of the ball is changed. Prediction: I predict that the hotter the squash balls are the more it will bounce. When the ball is heated the air particles inside the ball move faster so they are more likely to hit the walls (the ball is given thermal energy). This means that there is a greater pressure inside the ball, so it will squash less.

When it hits the floor, after being dropped, less energy will be transferred to heat and more will be used to make the ball bounce higher. Method: Firstly I will find three squash balls that have the same dot on them so I know that the bounce will be roughly the same on each ball. Next I will fill one beaker with ice and another with boiling water. Then place one ball in each beaker leaving the third ball.

This balls will all be bounced at different temperatures, from below 0i?? C TO 100i?? C.the test will be done 3 time for each temperature to get more accurate results. Then I will drop the three balls from equal heights (1M) to see how far they will bounce up again. The balls will have to be dropped from an equal height so the test is fair. This is a list of the equipment I will need:  Water  ice 2X beakers, squash ball stop watch meter ruler Key factors: There are some controls that I need to take into mind. The balls will need to be the same dot, so the bounce is roughly the same at the start of the test.

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The two balls that are going into the ice and boiling water will need to be in the beakers for the same amount of time. The surface that we bounce the balls on will need to stay the same and the height we drop that balls from will also need to stay the same, so we get a fair and constant result. Results table: Temperature (i?? C) Drop 1 Drop 2 Drop 3 Average Efficiency (%) 0i0.

Evaluation: I think that my experiment went well, there were on odd results as my line of best-fit matches most of the points on the graph. If I did the experiment again I would use a web cam to look at how the ball bounces. A web cam would take pictures frame by frame so I could see exactly where the ball bounces. This would give better more accurate results. If I did any extinction work maybe I could look at different surfaces for bouncing the ball. E. g. on carpet you may get different results, more or less bounce.

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