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Bottlenecks in Process Essay

Essay Topic:

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There are series of tasks needs to be completed for successful execution of the process. The slowest task in the successive steps of operation determines the capacity of process. As the neck of the bottle lessens the speed of flow in bottle, the slowest task in the process in called the bottleneck as it impedes the efficiency of operational activities through highest throughput rate or longest cycle time. Identification of bottleneck is necessary for correct analysis of process capacity, which can help in improving the overall performance of operational activities (NetMBA, n.

d. ).Laundry is one of the tasks in the home that takes more time, because require a process to have it done.

Cycle time is defined as time required for the completing the identified task if it is repeated. So, Pareto chart reflects that the main bottleneck in the process of laundry is sorting operation. The Sorting process has largest cycle time in the mechanical operation of the laundry except the automatic process of washing and drying operations, which has least scope of improvement without changing the equipment.

The whole process can be in equilibrium if each activity consumes equal time. But this happens rarely.Bottleneck is important area of concern, which helps in taking necessary measures to improve the overall process. We can apply the five focusing steps to improve the performance of the system. The application of 5 focusing steps in theory of constraints. Five focusing steps are laundry preparation is defined as follows:

0. Goal of the System – In the process of laundry, the goal of the system is to wash and dry the cloths in minimum time. 1. Identification of the constraint – The pre-sorting of cloths using quick sorter is critical factor in reducing the sorting time in Laundry Process. 2. Exploitation of the constraint – The overall output of the laundry preparation depends on the output of the constraint. If sorting process is taking too much time to do the laundry for each type of durable, delicate and normal cloths, other members has to compensate with compromising their leisure time to attend other tasks.

3. Subordinate other works to the constraint – Since pre-sorting the cloths can be done each day to put the cloths in drawer of appropriate label, it will reduce the overall process time of laundry on the day of laundry by unfolding the socks in available and taking care of detergents and liquid fabric softener. . Minimize the constraint – Some investment like products like quick sorter from market can improve the sorting time. It can be helpful in minimizing the constraint. 5. Iteration for further improving the system – If goal is not achieved, it can be started further from step 0 to improve the system by working on other bottlenecks also. 6. Change the system – If system does not respond to any techniques of improvement, it can be replaced by better system to get the best result. But that will be the last option.

Conclusion Using bottlenecks to improve the productivity off system in theory of constraints. Once bottleneck is eliminated or reduced to considerable extent, other task can be identified as new area of focus to improve the performance of the process. In my daily activities, next bottleneck in laundry process of unfolding socks is much faster than sorting. Hence, we can say that the main bottleneck has significant impact on the capacity of process whereas second bottleneck has limited concern in the efficiency of process.


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