Bottled Water and Tap Water Essay

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Bottled Water and Tap Water

The quality of water that we drink is a significant determinant of our health. Guarantee of the safety of water is a base for the prevention of diseases. Several people prefer to drink bottled or commercial mineral water in the presumption that they are safer and have quality as compared to tap water. I believe that tap water is the best choice for a few different reasons.

Bottled water is very popular and easily available at most stores. Consumers spend a large amount on purchasing bottled water. People prefer bottled water over tap water because they are saved in plastic containers, which are less weighty. After consume these bottles, people discard the bottle instantly, thus removing the need to carry it around (Conis, 2008)

Bottled water can acquire from springs, artesian wells or the source of municipal supply. Bottled water has different types such as natural mineral water, purified water, and spring water (Conis, 2008). Bottled water is a package item, therefore, the Food and Drug Administration regulates it. The quality standards of FDA do not need to expect that to expect that is authorized by the EPA and tap water. The processing plants of bottled water products are inspected by the FDA (

An important point about the bottled water is that bacteria grow best in moist and damp environments. It indicated that the environment developed by an unrefrigerated water bottle, one time the seal has been opened, is the ideal place for microorganisms to cultivate. This generates undesired risks for human health.

On the other hand, tap water comes from sources of lakes or streams. People can acquire water for drink easily from taps. The availability of this water has key health benefits, since it significantly reduces the risk factor of water-borne infections. Like sulphur and iron, this water has hard minerals that give a strong taste. Fluoride is also used in it because fluoride reduces the possibility of tooth decay, which is essential for kids during the period of healthy teeth’s development. According to cruising chemistry, those areas that containing towering degrees of Calcium and Magnesium have very low death rate. Deficiencies in magnesium can create heart disturbances (

To make sure the quality and safety of tap water, the suppliers provides yearly report named as “Consumer Confidence Report”. Furthermore, if an impurity surpasses the EPA standards, the providers are obligated to update the people about impurity, the water supply level, and its effects on health and what initiatives can be made to avoid diseases. Municipal water is governed by the EPA “Environmental Protection Agency” (, requiring towns to clean and sterilize it in accordance to the actual standards, Finally, the industry of tap water normally uses chlorine to protect against re-production of harmful bacteria that may leave tap water not taste as good as it would otherwise.

In conclusion, though the market of bottled water of many different companies continues to increase, but according to some research and analytical studies, the quality of bottled water is less healthy as compared to the tap water. Researchers show that the tap water appears to be examined regularly and is focused to more strict regulations, Yes, the taste of bottled water is better to some extent but this is so expensive and creates pollution in terms of plastic waste.

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