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Question no 1 What are the needs, wants and demands of consumers of Botox products in its different treatment markets? What value does Botox deliver in each market? How does value affect price for Botox? Needs: Treating cross-eye, frown lines, migraine headaches, chronic neck and back pain, excessive sweating, and possible spastic disorders. Wants: People want their face look young, lawyers want to eliminate expression of annoyance and anger. Women concern about their appearance while man want a smoother forehead.

Demands: People’s demands are becoming younger, kinder and gentler-looking and dopey looking after a short treatment with high effects. The value Botox delivering in markets are different among each other because of different customer satisfactions. In term of the ophthalmologic market, Botox is the number one solution whereas in the dermatology market, its target is the second position. Botox brings normal eyes to patients as well as beautiful eyes to users. Beautiful appearance is also offered to whom want to own. Other special purpose are satisfied by the same drug. The high value of Botox affect too much to its price range. “A vial of Botox cosmetic costs about $400 and can be used for four treatments. Depending on the doctor’s pricing scheme, each treatment can be $500 to $1000” for nearly 15 minutes of operation.

Question no 2: When Allergan sold Botox as a specialty drug for ocular problems, what marketing management orientation was it employing? When it sells Botox as a cosmetic treatment is it employing the same or a different orientation? When Allergan sold Botox as a specialty drug ocular problems, it just aimed at a small market supported by little marketing efforts. The means it was not employing the clear marketing management orientation. When Allergan sold Botox as a cosmetic treatment, it still kept the same orientation above with helping of doctors. When patients were injected Botox by these doctors, they did not know which exactly name of drug used.

Question no 3: When doctors treat patients with Botox in their office, is that an example of a selling concept or a marketing concept? Which concept applies when they hold parties for patients in private home? The doctors have Botox and inject it in their patients. These patients even do not know its name because of off-label Botox injection. When those doctors hold their patients in private home, a marketing concept was used. In this case, 4Ps, the customer satisfaction, and the customer-oriented are used. A party is hold to advertise for Botox; chocolates, brie, and champagne are offered as gifts; patients who part the party will sign a contract with lower cost of treatment; time is also saved for doctors, nurses, receptionists, and patients. Partygoers will receive valuable information from doctors short lecturers, which helps them understand more about their value and the use of Botox.

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