Both Stories Bestow Us Characters Essay

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Both Stories Bestow Us Characters

Both characters deserve our sympathy as they are all affected by class distinction. The title, “The stolen party” itself foreshadows the ending of the story and builds up tension. Rosaura in “The Stolen Party” is affected by her simply not knowing the verity that she would be affected by her going to the party, regardless of her mother revealing her the veracity and consequences of her going to the party.

Although before her entering the party, Rosaura gives her skirt a “slight toss” This emphasizes her acute confidence in entering the party, as Rosaura assumes everything will be lovely. During the party everything appears to be very well to her eyes, as she thinks all the small little tasks, “Hotdogs”, “Orange Juice” and “ The cutting of the birthday cake” given to Rosaura by Senora Ines, which boost her confidence, thinking she is responsible and feeling like a higher class person although the reality is that she is being used.

Before the climax, Rosaura’s mother is highly apprehensive as they both reach the Climax, which is when they meet Senora Ines. When Senora Ines reaches out for the bill, this builds up even more tension causing, and then when she gives out the bill, standing “Motionless” This is the last advent of Sympathy and at simultaneously the ultimate sympathy felt by readers. towards Rosaura in “The Stolen Party”.

In “ The Martyr” The technique that contrasts from “The stolen Party” is satire, which are used by the ignorance of two characters Mrs. Smiles and Mrs. Hill. Other techniques that vary from “The Stolen Party” are use of italics, inverted columns, dialogue and parenthesis. Although there is a high difference in where the story takes place in “The Martyr” which is during the time of colonialism in Africa where prejudice comes from all the colonialists.

This can be proven by how Mrs. Hills and Mrs. Smiles “Gossip” , “Criticize” and “Judges” the local Kenyan people, This causes the reader to feel sympathy for not only Njoroge but all the Kenyan people in general.

The similarity in techniques in “The Stolen Party” and “The Martyr” are the titles which both foreshadow the ending of stories, which bring the “Ultimate” Sympathy in both stories, Conflict again appears in both stories but differently as in “ The Stolen Party” the conflict between Rosaura and Senora Ines is externally , this can be shown at “ The look “ Rosaura gives Senora Ines at the end.

Rosaura and Njoroge both justify sympathy from the readers, but Rosaura is much younger than Njoroge, and isn’t aware of class distinction at all, while on the other hand Njoroge does not deserve the ending that happened on the other hand Rosaura has been warned numerous times by her mother. So, Njoroge does deserve more sympthay from the readers than Rosaura does.

In conclusion to this essay, both characters generate sympathy from the reader’s successfully, although due to Rosaura’s naivety , and Njoroge’s ending generated more sympathy, since it could be avoided. The reader therefore can asses that Njoroge deserved more sympathy from the readers.

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