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Boston University Essay

?1. Describe your decision to pursue an MBA degree, highlighting the following: a. ) Your motivation for pursuing an MBA degree at this point in your career: At the age of 22, I come to realize that strangely, many key aspects of my life relied on the implementation of business-related processes. Growing up, I witnessed the progress of my father’s entrepreneurial journey in the Sound System industry. He started off as a lecturer at the University of Indonesia (majoring in engineering). Little did I know that the experiences of a lecturer could someday develop into a multi-national company.

I was lucky to witness and, indirectly, be a part of its growth. Having gotten involved at a very young age, my interest in the business world continues to evolve into an academic preference, indicated by my choice to take business major as my undergraduate study in the University of Pelita Harapan. Meanwhile, when I was in high school, I got involved into the entertainment industry by personally producing a solo album, in which I undertook the production, distribution, management, and marketing aspects of it. Starting to work at a relatively earlier age than most of my peers, gave me the advantage of real-life application of business theory.

Without overlooking the family business, I somehow managed to juggle my university life as well as my career, strengthening my academic tendency towards business studies, culminating into my most recent project, managing a non-profit organization concerned with educational funding. These aspects contribute into creating the person I am now; one who is fully committed to continuing his business path by undertaking an MBA degree at Boston University. b. )

Your reason for choosing to apply to Boston University and the specific program that you have chosen, i.e. MS·MBA, Health Sector MBA, Public and Nonprofit MBA, or International MBA: Upon deciding to further study business through an MBA program, I conducted careful research on various universities, and Boston University quickly became a priority. Why? First, Boston University stands out, as it has a great MBA program which already have a lot of successful alumni.

The system that offers a broad business background, give the students a wide perspective in their experience in study, which is really appealing to me. Furthermore, Boston University seems to be able to provide its students with the right connections and future job opportunities. As a relatively forward-oriented individual, that particular aspect of Boston University appeals to me.

To curb my growing interest and curiosity, I have also visited the campus last summer, while I was taking my summer program in Berklee College of Music. My desire to go to Boston University was immediately consolidated and I could see myself in its friendly surroundings. Second, it would be an honor to be a part of an acknowledged and academically prestigious university, known for its established professors and alumni.

Third, its multi-cultural setting, has always interested me greatly, as it provides its people with diverse opportunities, particularly for me in the business industry. Additionally as I am accustomed to changing environments, I deem Boston as the perfect place for me to study. Lastly, and of a more moral perspective; having signed a contract with the US-Embassy accepting my position as an ambassador in education, getting into Boston University would hopefully start a new wave of motivation for Indonesian students, looking to study in the US.c. )

Your plan to leverage your professional and academic experiences to achieve your post-MBA career goals In the early stage of my professional career after my graduation, I see myself working in an American company that specializes in the field of marketing, such as NBC Network, Disney, or Sony Music. Working to develop management strategies and other programs within the company alongside with professionals that have experiences on the field is my professional goal.

Then I would like to return to my country with these experiences that I have acquired with potential business partners and acquaintances to develop further and improve my family’s company. Having a family business that is owned by my father requires me to come home and run the business to a further direction. The company runs very well locally, and I’m planning to take the company globally. While managing the family business, I am planning to continue my career in the music industry, also by building my own recording and managing company.

It has always been my dream to own a company, that runs in the entertainment industry, and i believe that i will have the opportunity after i finished my master degree in Boston University. 2. Tell the Admission Committee about a time when it cost you to maintain your integrity and what you learned from the experience. Would you make the same decision again if given the chance? My dad and I are very close. But sometimes, we have some issues regarding our self-ego. As a teenager, I used to think that I know everything and I want to be heard.

At the age of 18, I made my own music album, and got into the music industry. Because my dad has a great connection in the industry, of course as a teenager, I don’t want the world to see me as an artist who survived and succeed just because of him. So I started to push him away from my career life and apparently from my personal life also, and I was trying to survive by my self. Thank God of his gift in my music preferences, I can survive the industry. But it has a great impact of my relationship with my dad, and it affects the whole family also.

I’ve realized that my dad never want to do any harm for his children, and all that he wanted to do is to help me to achieve my dream. I feel very bad about it. I was standing for my integrity in my career-life, but not standing up for my own family, the people I love the most in the world. It took me 2 years to fix the problem and I learned so much about this. But now, we are closer than ever, and I really look up to him on how he handles problems and issues. In the future, I will definitely put aside my ego and integrity for a while, and try to see problems and issues from a lot of perspectives.

3. Answer three of the following six short answer sentences: a. ) My colleagues will describe me as spontaneous, ambitious, and perfectionist. As I go about my activities in my undergraduate study and my singing career, these are the comments I often received from them. I like to work on an idea that dawned on me immediately because I believe that an idea should never go to waste, both in my studies and career. My ambition goes hand in hand with my spontaneity. As I work on my ideas, I like to be heavily involves in the project to ensure that it all goes out perfectly; thus the perfection. b.)

An interesting fact about me is that despite of the busy schedule that I have in my singing career, I love travelling. Every year, I would at least visit two new countries to experience first hand the culture especially their music. I found it interesting to soak in the country’s atmosphere by meeting people with different background and culture thus equipping me to be prepared to deal with people from different backgrounds from diverse environments. c. ) I am most passionate about music, primarily the music industry. The music industry has been a big part of my life for the past four years.

I have gained a lot of experiences and valuable lessons from it. It makes me unique because I am personally of the opinion that I am a living example of a person who is doing what he loves and loves what he’s doing. d. ) The business or organizational leader I most admire is my father because he has his own way, not a very conventional one, to run a company. Sometimes he thinks that to run a company, we cannot learn it from a book or even the school. Most of the ways that he took are based on experience. I learned to be a flexible person when it comes to dealing with client and people.

I learned that in a business world, we cannot merely rely on theories, especially in regard with establishing a good relationship with the client. e. ) My greatest life experience was when I won MTV Indonesia Music Award for favorite male of the year. It was my first year entering the music industry, and I felt honored that the people in Indonesia voted me as their favorite male artist of the year. It was an encouragement for me to pursue greater excellence in my career. f. ) The opportunity I most regret not taking advantage of was submitting this application in time of its first deadline.

I hope that there is still a spot for me in Boston University. 4. Provide any additional information, not addressed elsewhere in your application materials, which will help the Admission Committee learn more your candidacy. Please address any employment gaps, strengths or weaknesses. I’ve started my career early on in life. After graduating high school and before enrolling to university, I got involved in the music industry in Indonesia. I built my own recording company after graduating high school with the help of my father, and I’ve been running this company ever since.

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