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Boston University

I am very choosy with regards to the development of my education. I want the best for me so I can achieve my dreams and Boston University is the only university that has offered the one I am looking for. I want to be part of the business school. I have a number of reasons why I want to be in this school. It is basically for my self-improvement because I believe that its education and training is of high standard and the students are taught to be well-equipped and competitive as business graduate. However, I have five reasons that are on my top list.

First thing is, I firmly believe that business school would allow me to have further studies that would enhance my knowledge and skills related to the field of my specialization; thus, it will get me updated to any recent buzz related to this field. Secondly, it offers a lot of opportunities especially we are in this modern and competitive world where everyone must have its own edge to cope the competition; thus it is an edge for me if I have graduated from business school. Thirdly, it ensures excellence and eminence business education that equips individuals to be competitive and perform tasks efficiently.

The fourth one is it gives me more opportunities to be exposed to different subjects such as economics, international business, marketing, finance and etc. that I don’t learn in my previous studies and I have the chance to concentrate on my chosen area of specialization. The last one would be, it does not only equip me academically but it would change my perspectives in life through the rigid training and studies that I will be going through. In addition, Boston University is an institution of higher learning in Boston.

It will help me become a potential business man in the coming years. It has numerous centers and institutes within the university conduct special studies and research. Not only that, it has extensive library resources which will help more learned and equipped to my desired profession. On the other hand, the university does not only concern of the students’ academic performance but also concern with their interaction to the outside world. The university usually involves the students in organizations and field trips to supplement the learning their learning.

Field trips are organized to develop student-interest in teaching units and problems, to gather information regarding them, and as culminating activities. The university used this method to give the students first-hand experience that cannot be had in the classroom. Manu of the objects of investigations can be studied best on their natural setting. This method used by the university provides opportunities for students learning through the use of many techniques other than those of reading and speaking.

The outstanding criterion to use in considering the advisability of a field trip is the possible contribution of such a trip to the objectiveness of the course. This method will definitely help me know the current status of people who have problems economically. Through this, I can also learn that there should be no biases in treating others but instead, assist them in order to meet their needs. Furthermore, I strongly believe that the professors and facilities here are well-equipped which are able to assist and cater the needs of the students.

Another thing that attracts me most in this university specifically in the business school is the way the professors teach their students. This is the university too which has close cooperation with the community which serves to the functioning of modern education. We all know that the community needs the school as a positive force for social and economic betterment. What makes Boston a good place for your career? Boston is a good place for my career because of its magnificent features and opportunities to find good jobs. It is the center of commercial and industrial activity for the metropolitan area and for much of New England.

Wholesaling and retailing together account for more than a fourth of the total employment and annual payroll. The banking, insurance, and investment industries are of major importance. Located in the city is the Federal Reserve Bank of New England, the Boston Stock Exchange, numerous large commercial banks, and the home or regional offices of many insurance companies which are really related to my intend course. On the other hand, manufacturing is great significant in Boston where I can be exposed to than in virtually any other major American city.

Factories are big enough and productions are growing. Among the leading groups, based on number of employees, are printing and publishing, clothing manufacturing, food processing, and the making of machinery. The metropolitan area is a major center of manufacturing—especially in the field of electronics—and is also noted for its firms engaged in research. Along Route 128, a semicircular expressway that runs through the suburbs is one of the largest concentrations of science-based industries in the nation.

In addition, the government (federal, state, and local) and education (universities, colleges, and schools) are major employers. Boston’s economy is also aided by its famed medical centers and by tourism and conventions. On the other hand, because of its many outstanding educational and cultural institutions and achievements Boston is sometimes called “the Athens of America. ” In education I can say that the area claims several “firsts”—the first public secondary school in the United States (Boston Public Latin School which was established in 1635, the first college which is the Harvard and the first private school.

More than two dozen universities and liberal arts colleges are found in the metropolitan area. Boston’s libraries, both public and private, are all outstanding. The Boston Public Library, on Copley Square, was the first major public library in the United States and is one of the nation’s largest. With these great achievements, I can conclude that Boston city is the place where I should be in order to be successful business person in the future because of its innumerable features that are all related to my intend course.

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