The Boston terrier’s history

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How many of you have a dog as a pet? Americans are widely known for their love for pets, particularly dogs. There are many breeds of dogs, yet only one has been nicknamed the “American Gentleman” for over a hundred years.

The Boston terrier is considered a true all-American dog breed and one of the most popular dogs, which history, physical appearance, unique personality and gentle disposition make him “the American Gentleman”.

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The Boston terrier can trace its history back to 1865, in Boston Massachusetts.

At this time pit fighting between dogs was still a popular form of entertainment. So the owners’ goal was to produce a perfect “fighting” breed, that’s how the Boston terrier was born, from a cross between the English bulldog and the now extinct White English terrier. This breeding produced a dog that possessed both the strength and tenacity of the bulldog and the speed and quick reactions of the terrier.

Bostons are the first breed developed in the United States that was recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1893, and belong to a part of a non-sporting group which is diverse. In 1979, Governor of Massachusetts, Edward King officially named the Boston terrier the state’s dog.

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Once this breed was recognized by the AKC, breed standards were created, the general Boston terrier appearance is defined as a lively, highly intelligent dog which possesses an expressive face and a flat head.

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[PP-4] The Boston’s coat is short, smooth, bright and fine in texture. It is black, brindle or seal in color with white markings. When it comes to sizes people have options to choose from.

The Boston’s weight is divided by three classes; lightweight are those dogs under 15 pounds, medium dogs weigh more than 15 pounds but less than 20 pounds and Heavy dogs weigh more than 20 pounds but less than 25 pounds. This breed’s height ranges from 15 to 17 inches; therefore in general Bostons are small dogs.

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This breed has a strong and friendly personality. Even though they were originally bred for fighting, they ended up becoming a great companion. Bostons are highly intelligent which makes them very easy to train. They get along well with just about everyone from their owners to kids, other family pets, the cat next door, all visitors and even strangers!

In summary, today I have told you about the American Gentleman’s history, physical appearance and unique personality. So, next time you look for a good companion, remember what I have shared with you today. I want to conclude with this quote from an unknown dog lover, “The Boston terrier is a man-made breed and is as American as the apple pie, and nothing in America is more American or more expressive of the American spirit than that American dog, the Boston terrier.”

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