Boston Bombing: Summary Essay

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Boston Bombing: Summary

On Monday April 15 2013, which was Patriot Day, an atrocity happened in Boston, United States. As everyone already knew, it was the Boston Marathon Bombing. The annual Boston Marathon bombing started just like other years, without any clue of the calamity. The marathon began as usual and horde of crowds gather along the sidewalk, cheering for their families and friends. The contestants endured the tiredness and headed towards the finish line. A spontaneous chant of “Go, Go!” bursted out as the runners moved closer and closer towards the ending. But just then, a bomb was released on Boylston Street, near the finish line. Many people screamed, and the air was filled with dirt and gases.

13 minutes later, another bomb went off also on Boylston Street, but few blocks further. Debris from the building along the side walk was blown over into pieces, flying over in the air. Some runners collapsed on the ground, failing to stand up. They tried to combat the bomb but unfortunately, they couldn’t. The air was so polluted and you hardly could see anything. 3 people died, and 264 were injured. A exciting and interesting event turned into one that was a totally disaster and grievous. But fortunately, rescue workers came as soon as possible.

According to FBI, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the weapons that took part in the bombing were pressure cooker bombs that was especially made for this marathon. These types of bomb was intended to damage the runner’s limb, making them unable to run. Most of the victims suffered severe leg injuries and wounds.

This event was globally significant because it had caused a lot of reactions from people all over the world. In the united states, a moment of silence were observed on the day after the bombing to show respects towards the victims. President Obama ordered the flags lowered to half- staff, also to show a kind of respect. In China, people posted message on social websites to give comment about the death of a Chinese contestant, who was attending collage in Boston. People were aware of her death since many Chinese wanted to send their children overseas for collage. People all around the world will learn from this event and be more cautious.

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