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Born worker - Raymond Run Character

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Essay, Pages 3 (516 words)



Essay, Pages 3 (516 words)

Born Worker is a short story that talks about a boy his name is Jose. Jose and his cousin Arnie came from various backgrounds. Jose was born to work. one day Arnie came to Jose and informed him we must interact we need to open a company doing tasks for people however what happens that Jose does all the work and Arnie simply relax. One day they were contacted us to clean a swimming pool for an old man his name is Mr.

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clemens as typical Arnie sit and Jose does all the work.But when the old man falls under the pool and fractures his head open Jose sticks with him (even thought Arnie desired to escaped so he wouldn’t enter difficulty). After what occurred with Jose he realizes that he appreciate helping people unlike his cousin he appreciates repetition. while also Raymond Run is a narrative that discusses a woman called squeaky and a kid named Raymond squeaky is Raymond younger sibling, squeaky is responsible to take care of he younger sibling Raymond.

Squeaky like running she run in lots of occasions and she always win. squeaky hates gretchel while also gretchel was her competitor, on the day of the race squeaky wins the race but she understands that she can do lots of things besides racing. There are some distinctions and similarities between both stories, Born Employee and Raymond Run. The language in both stories were in the colloquial (language is spoken daily) it remained in colloquial so it can assist the reader imagine squeaky as an African American girl and her attitude that was not appropriate for some people in Raymond Run story.

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While likewise in Born worker story the language remained in colloquial so the reader can imagine the poor person Jose and his dog’s life, and how kind he is since he always care to do ideal thing unlike his cousin Arnie he cares about credibility. typically colloquial language are utilized in both stories so it make the characters appear real and make the story more to reality.

The theme in the both stories were different in Raymond Run story the theme was don’t under estimate other so in “Raymond Run” story squeaky thought that Raymond cant run and he’s a special need but then she realizes that he can run so don’t underestimate others and in Born worker the theme was Responsibility and human obligation so in “Born Worker “story Jose was responsible of his family and he went work so he can get some money because he is in a poor class while also the theme in Born worker story was human obligation because Jose help Mr.clemens when he falls in the pool and his head cracked.

In a conclusion I want to say that I learned many things from those two stories I learned to be responsible and we must not judge the book by its cover and I liked those stories because they make me learn new things and the make me more aware how people live and how people can do anything just to get money .

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