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Boring Day

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 7 (1516 words)
Categories: Short Story
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My computer was broken so I couldn’t browse the internet or socialize. My friends have gone on a vacation for summer break together while I had to go to summer school. Now it’s the weekend and It couldn’t have got any more boring. My mom asked me to walk to the plaza down the street to buy some milk. I went upstairs to my room and got dressed. I decided to wear a shirt I got for my birthday.

It had a cartoon duck face on It and on top of It; It said “HI! In big bubble letters. I also wore a pair of blue Jeans, went downstairs, and then put on my shoes and walked out. I’m walking down the street and It’s been about ten minutes. A normal person would have reached the plaza In five minutes, but I wasn’t a normal person, I was a bored person.

Being a bored person, I tend to notice and observe things happening around, Like a bee gathering the nectar out of a flower on my neighbor’s garden, or an airplane in the sky miles away. While I was walking I noticed this old man kicking his son out of house. “Don’t come back till you’re ready to apologize! he yelled in a gruff voice while his son was running round in his boxers. I chuckled; he must be looking for something to cover himself up with. I would have felt so embarrassed if that were me. I continued on toward the plaza with a smile. I finally arrived at the plaza; it was a fifteen minute walk because I was walking really slowly, even though it really felt like thirty. Taking my first steps I noticed the plaza was more crowded than I’ve ever seen it. There was this supermarket that really wasn’t that popular when it first opened. I remember coming here with my friends a while ago and it was the most dissected place I’d ever seen.

Now it was completely packed with customers, cars coming in and out of the parking lot. It kind of made me happy to see the plaza doing well. I walked in to the milk store and was it ever crowded. There must have been some special event going on. The line was really long too. I looked at the newspaper stand because I like looking at the covers of newspapers to see what the headline is, and I noticed the sign beside it. It said “Milk sale 50% off” The cashier then looked at me, “Hey, you better run to the milk section before it runs out! ” I ran to the milk section, which Just happened to be located all the way at the back of the store.

While running there I saw that there were two milk cartons left, with relief I started walking toward It. I opened the fridge door that had the milk in it and reached for It. Just as I was reaching for It another hand reached In with me and picked up the other can. I turned to see who It, and It was Carol, a girl from my school that I had a crush on. She was a really smart and beautiful person, although she has this problem of not being able to read In her head, Instead she would Just read out loud. Every time I saw her reading a book at he library, the people around her would get mad at her for not being quiet.

She looked at me and said “Hil” in a really loud voice. I was in the girl I’ve been crushing on has finally spoken to me. My heart wouldn’t stop beating quickly and my hand wouldn’t stop twitching. Looking at her face, I noticed her eyes were on my chest, “she must have notice my muscles” I thought to myself. I yelled “Hil” back along conversation Just ended, but at least she finally noticed me. I purchased the milk can and I walked out of the store a happy man. I had five dollars’ worth of change after purchasing the milk can, so I decided to head to the corner store further in the plaza.

This corner store was the best; it was always the place to go when I was younger. All my friends and I would buy loads of candy and pop cans here when we younger, since the cost of it was as cheap as they come, ranging from five cents to a dollar. It was candy heaven for a kid. The only problem was the cashier; he was foreign and tends to have fun with every customer that walked in. For him it would be either laughing with you or laughing at you. I walked inside the store and went straight to he back where all the pop was. The pop in this store was only 60 cents.

I walked up to the cashier and he looked at me with a smile on his face as I gave him a dollar for the drink. “40 cents change for the hobo! ” he said mischievously as if he planned out what he was going to say right when I walked in. The words didn’t faze me though as I knew he was going to say something. As I was walking out an older woman walked in, “Don’t forget your wife! ” he said while laughing. I Just ignored his random comments and walked out of the store. I opened the drink and drank some. It’s been ver an hour and it was going to get dark soon. “l should get going” I thought to myself.

Right when I was about to take my first step towards home, I heard a commotion coming from the supermarket. Two men were fighting over watermelon. The watermelon was definitely big compared to the rest of the watermelons. One of the men had blond hair, with tattoos all over his arms. His Jeans had rips in them, he was wearing a wife beater, and he was wearing a head band. The other man was bald, he was wearing shorts, a t-shirt and his goatee hung down to his chest. “This watermelon is mine! ” the blond man yelled. The bald man didn’t reply and let go of the watermelon.

Directly after he punched him in the face, took the watermelon and yelled “Sucker! ” without even paying for it. There was crowd watching the whole incident go down as well. It was pretty serious for someone to hit a person and then steal something. My facial expression at that time showed a teenager with a straight face, but my in my head, I’m laughing about the whole incident. I headed home, taking my time while observing my surroundings, as the sun was setting. All of the sudden, I heard a high pitch sound like someone was crying for help. I stood still so I could hear better, but the sound didn’t come again.

I continued walking, wondering what the sound could have been. It could have been someone from the plaza, but I really doubted that as I’m a pretty far away from it. “Chirp chirp! ” the sound came back again but much louder. It sounded like a bird. I stopped to look around and I found a bird behind a tree. The bird was stuck under a pile of branches and was crying for help. I put the milk carton down and I moved the branches off the bird. The branches were bigger than most branches and it was pretty heavy, as heavy as a pile f text books stacked together. The bird flew away while chirping.

This time the chirping sounded very grateful like it was thanking me for helping it. The bird flew into the branches of the tree hidden in the leaves. All of the sudden an apple fell from the tree. I thought maybe it was a reward for helping it, so I took it graciously, picked up the milk can and continued on home while eating the apple. “I’m home! ” I said strongly as I walked in. “Welcome home, I’ll take the milk, do you want anything? ” while hurrying to my room. I decided to go straight to bed to catch up on some sleep, n a boring day, I guess I wouldn’t want to spend the rest of it any other way.

I went straight to sleep. The next day I woke up and I looked at the time. “8:30!? I’m going to be late for summer school! ” I screamed. I got ready as quick as I could and ran out the door and barely managed to get on the bus. I sat down on the seat next to the bus doors. One of my classmates from my summer school happened to be sitting on the seat next to me and we started talking. I introduced myself and told him about my trip to the plaza. “Wow! ” he said while laughing. mfr lucky, you had a really fun day! “

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