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Bordean Hill Cottages

I am writing this letter to apply for the position of a Senior Prefect at Eggar’s School as I believe I would be an ideal representative for the school and a good role model to those younger than me. INTRO – APPLYING APPLICATION

I am genuinely very happy at Eggar’s School and it would be a privilege to be part of the Senior Prefect team underpinning the good work that is done by the staff. I see this position as a central part of the school’s foundations, traditions, and effective communication between students, teachers and the local community. Being a senior prefect is one of the top roles a student can have at a school. They work with the teachers to create a better learning environment and provide opportunities for others to succeed. THE ROLE – WHY IS THE ROLE IMPORTANT? HOW WE VALUE PREFECTS? – GENERAL Personally, I believe that having Senior prefects are important as they act as a leading demonstration of the school’s ethos to the ‘outside world’, not only to the parents of current and prospective pupils but the people in the community surrounding our school. Senior prefects act as leaders; they do this with energy and enthusiasm and with a willingness to put others before themselves. Given their status as leaders and role models, Senior Prefects are a visible and active presence around the school. WHY I WANT TO BE A SENIOR PREFECT

What school will get out of it –
I believe that if I was to become Senior Prefect, I would be able to share my knowledge and advice about the school to suggest improvements from an experienced pupil’s perspective. I would also be able to provide on-going practical support such as parents evenings, sports days, helping out Eggar’s newspapers etc. My knowledge about the school and how it runs from a pupils perspective (experience gained over the last four years) On-going practical supports (eg. Events, parents evenings, sports days, newsletters, teacher etc…) Representing the school

Being part of the student voice – giving ideas I have gained from being a senior prefect and applying them towards What I want to get out with it  I think as a person I would also widely benefit from becoming Senior Prefect. I would develop my personal skills and qualities including leadership, responsibility and a sense of service which would help me later in life when I have future careers. Being able to demonstrate high expectations of myself and others is very important to me and something I have always tried to maintain over my many years at Eggar’s School. Managing the extra responsibility with professionalism, integrity, sensitivity and good humour is something I wish to gain if I was to become senior prefect.

Nevertheless, I believe that becoming a Senior prefect will push me further to continue my commitment to academic success as this has always been very important to me. Furthermore, to receive recognition from Senior staff and being identified to the student body as someone who has, through my actions and efforts, aspired to exemplify the expectations of Eggar’s school would make me very proud. Looking ahead, I know that the experience of being a prefect will bring added value to my further education and career prospects as it will provide positive evidence for collage and job references. Training from the school/staff particularly in relationship to the leadership role To extend CV

Provide positive evidence for collage and job references
Develop my ability to use my initiative
Benefit from the many opportunities to develop personal skills and qualities, including leadership, responsibility, sense of service and trust Being able to demonstrate high expectations of myself and others Make significant
contributions to the wider life of the school To have continued commitment to academic success

To be able to manage the extra responsibility with professionalism, integrity, sensitivity and good humour. Be self-motivated, proactive and a reliable team member
Receive recognition from Senior staff and being identified to the student body as someone who has, through my actions and efforts, aspired to exemplify the expectations of Eggar’s school.


WHY I AM THE RIGHT PERSON FOR THE JOB (GIVE EXAMLES) PERSONALITY AND SKILLS I think I am the right person to take on a role of senior prefect as I am a trustworthy, reliable and responsible person. On numerous occasions I have devoted time to come into school and participate in school fetes, parent’s evenings and showing parents round the school. This is not something that I feel I have to do, but something that I put myself forward for as I enjoy being part of the Eggar’s community. Furthermore, I have proved to be a good ambassador and role model for the school as in year 8 I put myself forward for the role of helping out at the OAP Party which takes place once a year. During this experience I am also very willing to take on extra responsibility. An example of this is when I volunteered to participate in Eggar’s E-learning group.

This is where I had the opportunity to help primary school children develop their ICT skills. In the process, my team were successful in winning the competition for the task that was set. I have had a number of opportunities to develop my communication skills. An example of this when I was asked to participate in the BBC School Report in year 8 with around 20 other students. I found this very useful to help develop my team building skills and I will be able to use this skill if I got the role of senior prefect to help motivate and encourage the prefect team. In terms of academic success, I have always given my full commitment and been very self-disciplined. Which has given me very credible results. I was included in the Eggar’s 21 Club which gave me a real sense of pride.

I felt that all my hard work had paid off and I would like to, as a Senior Prefect, be able to encourage other students to work towards this accolade. I have always realised that maintaining a consistently high attendance record (98.3%) will result in a higher level of academic achievement. My participation in many sports days has given me invaluable teamwork and leadership skills, as I have represented my house in a variety of events. This is valuable experience for the position of Senior prefect, as I feel I will be able to carry out a wide variety of tasks required in this demanding position. UNIFORM

Not only is it essential that I represent the school by acting very responsibly, both in my manner and academically, it is equally important that I take a pride in my appearance and dress appropriately. WHAT IS MY VISON/ WHAT I CAN BRING TO THE JOB

I feel that I can bring a lot to the role of senior prefect as I am very self-disciplined and this quality would help manage my prefect duties with my study commitments and outside school activities. SUMMARY

Thank you for considering my application and taking the time out to read it. Yours sincerely,
Eleanor Howard

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