Books vs Computers Essay

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Books vs Computers

Sep 4, 2007, 10:22am Today,computer is the most important invention since fire was invented. Most people use computer instead of book. According to school research,students choose computer to do their homework. Some people believe that books are more useful than computers. However, this research indicate that children and teenagers benefit from computer more than book.

Therefore, schools should purchase computers rather than compiling a library because of two main reason:students can reach every information without spending waste time and they able to use computer when they do their homework.

Recently,techonolgy has been developing. Therefore schools shoul obey modern world’s rule. They should prefer computer because firstly, today all documents and datas are written on computer especially internet. people share their countless source by using internet. In addition, books are read in the internet. all of this acknowledge shows tahat computers and internet are treasure for students. For example, when a student want to search his homework topic such as history of art or Atat? rk’s life. He can just read one book because of deadline.

Homework he can access all information about his homework by using internet website include in articals pictures or short films. All of these are good reason to choose computer. Secondly,today bussiness life want employees who are aable to use computer because all companies, bussiness men use computer in order to connect with other companies. If children learn computer in early year, they can improve using computer skills from day to day. In the future all people will be controling their job from computer. Today most people know reading but how many people know using computer?

To sum up, school has a big part of children’s lives. Therefore school managers should spend money to built computer lab. They should give a change to their students to save time and learn computer. If students spend less time for their homework by using computer, they can join after school activities such as playing basketball with peer. http://www. essayforum. com/writing-feedback-3/computer-book-other-essay-981/ Article 2 Join now! | Login| Support| Term Papers and Free Essays ————————————————- Top of Form Browse Essays| | |

Bottom of Form Book Reports / Computers Taking Over Books Response To Anne ProluxComputers Taking Over Books Response To Anne ProluxThis essay Computers Taking Over Books Response To Anne Prolux is available for you on Essays24. com! Search Term Papers, College Essay Examples and Free Essays on Essays24. com – full papers database. Autor: anton 23 March 2011Tags: Computers, Taking, ResponseWords: 1027 | Pages: 5Views: 181Printable Version Essay: Computers Taking Over Books Response To Anne ProluxRead Full EssayJoin Now! Visal GallapaththiMs.

GrayENG3U1March 7th 2008Flipping The ScreenHalf a century ago, people used books for everything related to education. In fact, the human??? ‚a„? sbest source of knowledge and education was the book. If you wanted to look up a recipe, you opened abook.

If you wanted to learn how to fix the radio on your car you opened a book called the manual. Ifyou wanted to know Black beard??? ‚a„? s real name you will have to visit the library and go through hundredsof encyclopaedia pages before finding what you wanted. Now in the 21st century, all you need is acomputer with an Internet connection and the whole world is just a click away.

Slowly the computer hasreplaced the book in almost every way. Computers are much better than books because a modern computer can hold a billiontimes more information than the average 500-page book. If you wanted to do research about MartinLuther King Jr. It would take you at least an hour just to find the right book. Where as using a computer,you can find the same information in less than 5 minutes. Many people use the internet as a dictionary. finding definitions, this way only takes the time to type the word. A laptop computer equal to the sizeand weight of a book holds data about any topic you can think of.

A book only covers a specific topic. Acomputer can hold much more types of data than a book. When you carry one computer, you arecarrying a hundred thousand books.

In her essay, Proulx mentions an airplane is the best place to read a book and asks, ??? ‚NsWhat areplanes but giant flying reading rooms???? ‚N? Many people use their laptops or the on board entertainmentsystem on a plane rather than reading a book. But, from my experience all I seen on planes is peoplesleeping, people watching movies and people working on their computers. I have only seen one personreading a book- a 90-year-old who probably doesn???‚a„? t know what computers are.

Proulx also says we canjudge what the person is like and their interests by looking at their books. We can only judge a personVisal G- page 2up to some extent when we look at their books. If we look at their software and files, we can see whatthey are interested in, and what kind of job they are doing, you can even know the type of music theperson listens to. In her essay, Anne Proulx says, ??? ‚NsNo one is going to read a novel on a twitchy little screen??? ‚N?. If thisis true, why are there millions of e-book sales?

According Latest Wholesale eBook Sales Figures Releasedby Andrew Savikas, last year, the e-book market increased by 150%. E-books work the same way asbooks. The only difference is you read an e-book on a computer. E-books are a lot cheaper than thetraditional books and they help save the environment by minimizing the use of paper. E-books are alsoan excellent source for new writers. If you have written, a novel and you are not sure if you want toinvest a lot of money into publication, you can upload your book onto specific book sites and see readerfeedback through comments and email.

Many people think it is not good for one??? ‚a„? s eyes to stare at thecomputer screen for a long time, to solve this problem a new type of glasses called the e-glasses (alsocalled computer glasses). Many people are switching to e-books because there is no delivery time whenyou order it through the internet, you can read a book seconds after it is released! Proulx??? ‚a„? s statementsabout people, not reading books through the computer are absolutely incorrect. In summary, the computer has replaced the book in many ways.

Many people believe readingfrom the computer is not the same as holding the book and reading it, These people probably nevertried reading e-books. If you have a laptop computer, you can read from it the same way you can readfrom the book. If you are going on your next vacation, I recommend loading your laptop with some e-books because its way lighter to carry books this way than to add more weight to your already over theairline limit luggage. Visal G ??? ‚a€? page 3CitedLatest Wholesale eBook Sales Figures Released by Andrew Savikas.?

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