Books: Digestion and Best Friend Essay

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Books: Digestion and Best Friend

Books Books are the best friend a person can have. For they are the kind of friends that are never disloyal. A person is never going to feel alone or bored in the presence of books. So, books can be read out of passion as a hobby or to gain knowledge and information. For that, some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed; and some few to be chewed and digested. There are certain types of books which can only be tasted. To taste a book is just to have some sensations out of reading it which may be like or dislike it and it stops there without any further clinging to it, so the taste can be good or bad.

Novels, dramas, short or long stories all belongs to this category because readers may like or dislike what they are reading. Nonetheless, it is doubtful whether they are going to remember any or some of them. For example, when I was fifteen years old, I read Agatha’s Christie Hickory Dickory Dock. I admit that I do not remember the events at all but what I remember is liking it very much. Another example is pride and prejudice by Jane Austen, I loved it very much when I studied it but now I cannot remember all the events, but only some. For my friends, some of them do not remember the events at all and others remember some of them.

For the second kind some books are to be swallowed. When one swallows an antibiotic capsules, he does not swallow it because of liking it but because it is necessary for his health. Researches, educational books, law books and many others belong to this category. For me I hate reading researches and scientific articles but I have to read it when I am asked to do a research. For some friends of mine, educational books such: history, geography and biology books are some of their worst nightmares. However, they have to go through them because of their grades. This category books are like multiplication tables to a child.

One does not like going through this kind of books but has to because of his own benefit whether it is educational or informational benefit. Then, the third type of books which are to be chewed and digested. To chew any kind of food is to grind it with one’s teeth. There is no hurry in this process, he should grind every bit of the food in his mouth to make it easy to digest. This process is applicable to books. To this category belong grammar books, phonetics books, religion books, poetry and great and complex drama such as Shakespeare’s and Aristotle. These books or works are timeless and difficult to understand at once.

They need a lot of time, meditation and contemplation to be fully understood and absorbed. For example, grammatical rules needs time and practice to be understood. Other example is Qur’an it is almost impossible to understand it if one’s read it in a rush. This special book needs lots of meditation and contemplation to understand all of its meanings. For me I faced some difficulties when I studied phonetics because I did not know how to study it. Actually, I did not know that I should study it with my full attention focused on it. However, when I knew, it became one of my favorite courses.

Grammar and phonetics books are troublesome to my colleagues. Because they need lots of time and concentration in class and they do not like to do that. Nevertheless, these kind of books are needed to enrich our knowledge and to make us used of concentration. Books are one’s best friend. It is impossible to feel bored in the presence of them. they are essential to develop one’s information and enrich his mind with knowledge. It does not matter witch kind of books one’s read because they all have information inside of them. Whether the book is from to be tasted kind, to be swallowed kind or to be chewed and digested kind.

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