Booker T. Washington Bibliography

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The experiences Booker T. Washington endures, gives insightful details about the South following the Civil war through the perception of a black man. Washington deliberately solidifies himself as a person of color who uses their platform to motivate and push others to succeed under racial judgement and scrutiny.

An ample variety of strengths or exhibited frequently throughout the auto bibliography. To begin, it is very apparent that Washington was self aware of his surroundings at the beginning stages of his life.

He stated ‘his life had its beginnings in the midst of the most miserable, desolate, and discouraging surroundings’ (Washington 870). Even at a young age Washington could efficiently decipher and comprehend the world around him. On the other hand these surroundings were accompanied by grueling labor, which constructed a vastly negative environment that granted no hint to the abolition to come in the near future.

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