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My name is Phuong. A book I choose for the book project is called “The call of the wild”. To be honest, I have never read this book before but I feel interested in the cover with the image of a beautiful dog. I am curious about what happened with the dog. Moreover, I think I will enjoy the story because I also adopted a dog and I would like to say that I’m a dog person. My group decided to read 3 chaps in this week so I have a lot of things to share about the book for you.

The story is about a dog named Buck, Buck is kidnapped from the farm and becomes a sled dog in Alaska. The conflict that Buck has to go through in my today’s reading included both internal and external. It was sold by Buck’s efforts to survive in a new and harsh place. However, Buck has to overcome a lot of pain and obsession.

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For example, Curly’s death-obsessed Buck even during sleep, “But she lay there limp and lifeless in the bloody, trampled snow, etc”, “The scene often came back to Buck to trouble him in his sleep”. Buck was beaten for his protest and bitten by other dogs, “Sol-leks whirled upon him and slashed his shoulder to the bone for three inches up and down”. While I was reading today, the book made me think of the dogs are captured and turned into prey for humans. Every single adjective which describes emotions and feelings anxiety, the indignation of Buck made me feel empathetic with Buck.

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Buck’s story makes me think that only when we are in our family, we’re beloved and protected. When going out of life, we must try to face difficulties because no one can help us. Buck also learned a lot of lessons which help Buck survive there, ”Though his dignity was sorely hurt by thus being made a draught animal, he was too wise to rebel”. That’s all my feeling when I read the first three chapters of “The call of the wild”.

My group decided to read the next 3 chapters this week. In these part, Buck becomes the leader and he does his job very well. Buck helps and punishes others dogs when needed. The whole team has the mission of giving out the emails because of trains and roads are not built in those areas. Bucks dreamed of a peculiar recurring dream, returning to primitive times with actions like hunting, killing and hanging out in caves. In chapter five, the author illustrates how Buck and others dog were at the mercy of human beings who need them but still bought and sold them. The relationship between Buck and Mr.Thornton is special because even though Buck does not work for him but Buck still loves him. Buck’s devotion to Thornton is so great, when Buck lives with Thornton, Buck will die for him. Both Buck and Thornton will willing to risk their lives for the other.

My group finished the “Reading Journal” by the last chapter of The call of the wild. The money Buck wins that enables Thornton to pay off some debts and continue looking for a fabled lost gold with his partners. Buck seems to enjoy himself like never before when they travel east on an unknown trail. They found gold even though no lost mines were found. To the end of the story, the death of Thornton made Buck completely wild and severed his relationship with humans. Buck discovered his ancestors and was completely himself when he was cozy and enjoy himself on the ranch at Judge Miller’s. The feeling of Buck to Thornton is the affection corresponding to what it received. It is a truly indebted attitude of gratitude, is the animal, Buck thinks like a human. Before meeting Thornton, Buck only knew about the relationship that “just about being business with the guild” with the sons of Judge Miller. It was only when he met Thornton, it was strange and overwhelmed by something big came. It is love. By subtle art, expressive in animal descriptions, the author has shown his deep love for animals.

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