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Book Review: the Protector Essay

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The Protector is about a firefighter named Jack O’Malley, and his ‘family’ of seven people orphaned as teens who basically adopted each other and who all changed there sir name to O’Malley. Jack O’Malley is a firefighter who has seen so many wrecks and fires he has lost count, but the arsonist who is treading on he, and his fellow firefighters lives, he knows his task at hand, to stop the arsonist in its tracks before he ends up killing one of his own.

Cole, the arson investigator is worried, but wont admit that to anyone, but with the arson’s escalating, he has an uneasy feeling of what the future holds. The arsonist is leaving signs, murals painted on the walls with the words murderer, and killer, and popcorn at every scene. When Cassie, a firefighter who took a break from her job after being severely burned at a nursing home fire that had been ruled as the first arson fire, witnesses the arsonist in the act, she is put in danger and it’s Jack and Cole’s job to protect her.

After Cassie see’s the arsonist, she decides she has to go back to work, and she has to help in anyway she can to catch this arsonist, starting with trying to figure out who she had seen, knowing she had seen him before. I think that the author, Dee Henderson, wrote this book very well. Henderson has an amazing way of showing the emotion f the characters she is portraying on her writings. I feel as though Henderson has a way of writing that warms your heart, making it seem like you are in the book too, or as though you are watching the story unfold around you. “The new year is eighteen minutes away. “”Come kiss me awake in seventeen minutes. “She blinked at that lazy suggestion, gave a quick grin, and dropped Benji on his chest. He opened one eye to look up at her as he settled his hand lightly on the kitten. “That’s a no? “She smiled. She was looking forward to dating him, but she was smart enough to know he’d value more what he had to work at. For example when reading the above excerpt from the book, she writes it so hate you can mentally visualize Cassie sitting with Benji, her cat, on her chest and Jack asking her to kiss him awake for new years. You can really feel what Cassie is saying when she says that she was looking forward to dating Jack, but is making him work for it so he will value it more. I feel as though this book is an overall good read, it shows traces of how God is working in each of the main characters lives and how he is present in there hearts, but it is not in your face about God.

The book was definitely a page turner, it took me about a day to read the 333 page book, I was hooked from about the third chapter and just could not put it down until I was finished. I think that this book would be a great book for young adults to read, the book is a really interesting book, and I would recommend any christian no matter where in there walk with God, to read this inspiring book about Jack O’Malley, the main character in this book, and his family of seven orphaned and abandoned teens who became a family, and changed there sir to O’Malley .

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