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Book review of a business book Essay

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That is he tries to bring forth the beleaguered and tricky person. Moreover he is not in favour of the lady towards the time of her distracted conditions. Martha’s life, as opened up by Byron, is an embodiment of perfection and that was embedded in the routine work of the company, Martha Inc. In short, the author personifies Martha as a shrewd business shot in the beginning, yet as a shattered woman, towards the end of the article. Thus there inculcates a mixture of positive as well as negative approaches to Marha Inc.

The author portrays Martha as a conjurer in the sense that she can be seen doing so many things enthusiastically as well as pleasurably. According to him, this lady was rarely interested in anything, but her company activities. Martha Stewart’s enduring triumph is due to her flair and aptitude and also due to the confidence in herself. The endeavor of this dedicated worker through out her life was to make people understand the devices for formulating a good way of living.

Even when she was on the summit of her glory, she was not ready for respite.

She tried to instill in the minds of people about the prospects of business. She has created cryptic guidelines of converting the hardships into sequins thereby erecting a magnificent domain. Martha’s company is presented as a unique one in the sense that it is easily accessible to the lay men as well. Moreover, she considered herself as a transmitter of ideas, besides being a formulator. This may be the reason for the team spirit of the members of her projects who slither along with her in all her activities.

Although Byron has great appreciation for Martha, he has foresightedly mentioned in his book that this great business woman was the victim of utmost bad circumstances that too at a time when she was at her best. However she is regarded as a gorgeous know-how industrialist, even among the people who jeer at her. In contriving business techniques, Martha was a tornado who was flotsam and jetsam in speaking, yet rough in going to any extent to reach destiny. Martha’s example shows that she had given more flexibility and freedom to her group to implement plans of each of them.

Stewart keeps apart her time mainly for gathering her crew for discussing plans for the further improving of the business. The group is provided with opportunities for initiating their ideas, if any. At the same time, Martha is prepared to dive into matters if they need the touch of an authoritarian hand. The success of Stewart’s venture may be due to the fact that she had given ample freedom to team members to be the part and parcel of what they were working with. But later this openness itself acted as a decisive feature in the collapse of the Martha Inc.

She had a craving for commanding everything, that too in an amicable manner. Martha had to confront with many problems in the later period of her business life. But unlikely, in the midst of the boisterous escalation of topical years, she declined to keep an eye on each and every element. Even at the crucial time when her business was under threat of collapse, she was in a mood to instill inspiration in her customers and thereby obtained their confidence. The thespian rise of Martha Inc.

at the early stages can be attributed to the single personality of Martha Stewart. Martha Inc. had many foes in the business field. But before the magnanimous personality of its contriver, they were all dwarfs. The lady had her centre of activities not only in the business field but in other activities like literary, television and also in domestic activities. For this she had given the members of her organization ample latitude to trance up and implement their own thoughts. She had the optimism when she advocated that she had permeated Martha Inc.

with a fabulous quantity of her resilience and arty beliefs (Brady, 2000). Later Martha undergoes trial for securities scam and also faces impediment for righteousness. The after effect of this was adverse for business associates who campaign various projects of Martha Inc. The value of the shares of company had fallen, those who had business dealings with Martha Inc. set ways apart and there was also considerable decrease in the income from her publications. The demand for her television shows became sluggish. The company, Martha Inc.

’s deterioration may be regarded as an exceptional instance in which the roomy perilous aspects stood as an obstacle on the path of the company’s future development. Because she was convicted, the shareholders of her company met with a loss and the whole thing affected the reputation of the firm. In the inevitable circumstance when the company showed inefficiency, Martha could remain as a scrupulous conniver. Studies show that, in spite of the brave foot steps she had taken to flourish her business domain, she was an interloper to the business world.

Stewart doomed to be the butt of the system she zealously resorted to. The same social systems that hitherto acknowledged her ways began to look at her as if she were a downtrodden. For the triumph of any company the stability of those who work for it is very much required. Here Martha Stewart’s capabilities, labor, individuality and leadership has worked as the decisive factors in bringing the staff together. The crew realized that there will be the undesirable outcome on the trade, in case there is any unconstructive market or industry acuity or if the full fledged activities of Martha dwindle.

The company’s progress can be attributed not to one factor. It had the strong hold up of the brands and their worth. Besides, it owes to the leader for her unstained reputation and civic icon in her. Martha Inc . had kept top precedence on those who work for it and reassured frankness, equal opportunity and accountability and thus entirely exploited their skills. A healthy competition leads to healthy spirit for the improvement of any company. Whenever there appears a tuff competitor in front, one will be in a hurry to grab fresh situations (Gross, 2003).

Recruiters must take a special wager in the firm’s success before anticipating treading up the salver.

Reference Brady, D. January 17, 2000. Martha Inc. Inside the growing empire of America’s lifestyle queen. Available: http://www. businessweek. com/2000/00_03/b3664001. htm. Accessed on October 1, 2008. Byron, C. 2003. Martha Inc. : The Incredible Story of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. London: Frank Cass (UK). Gross, D. June 5, 2003. Martha the Oracle Available: www. slate. com/id/2084026/ -. Accessed on October 1, 2008.

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