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On-the-job training (OJT) is one of the best training methods because it is planned, organized and conducted. OJT is generally the primary method used to broaden skills and increase productivity. OJT is dependent upon the trainer having sufficient knowledge and experience to impart to the trainees. OJT is important and the quality of OJT can be considerably improved through effective design. OJT has its advantages, first, trainees will have an opportunity to practice their selected fields. Second, they can practice their punctuality. Next, they can improve their skills and have an additional knowledge in the real world and lastly the trainees can have their immediate feedback. Trainings can be an eye opening because it will really help us to think for a better future. Morale, productivity and professionalism will be trained on the organization during our OJT. Those characteristics must be developed on our OJT to be a high world citizen that is creating and building our future careers.


The trainees would like to acknowledge the people who helped them to make this On-the-Job Training to be possible. They are very thankful to the Lord for giving them strength, good health and courage to finish this training. They want to express their sincerest gratitude to their family for supporting them financially, emotionally and spiritually. For their friends and classmates who cheer them up to fulfill this training. Also to their co-OJT’s who helped them to finish their duties. They would also like to thank the staffs of Wide Vision Tours for giving them a chance to be a part of the company and for giving them additional knowledge on their field. We are gratefully thankful to our professors for always being there for us to make us an effective World Citizen. To our Dean, Ms. Rhodora Lintot, we thank you for being kind and you let us experience what we are likely to face in real life. To our professor, Ms. Edwina Paz Perez RND, for supporting us in every step we take, for giving us importance and for awakening us in real world.

Company Profile

History of the Company

Wide Vision Tours is a DOT accredited tour agency and one of the leading travel agency of group package tours in the Philippines for over thirteen years. Our tour packages cater to the following: College tours and exposure trip, educational tours for preschool to high school, adventure packages which include eco-adventure and surf camp, company outings and team building seminars. We also do airline bookings and ticketing.

Mission Statement

Wide Vision Tours aims to provide the top quality services while keeping the cost in control. We aim to provide high quality services and totally safe trips at best possible price. As our company motto says, “Enjoy ka na, Safe ka pa”. We have huge plans to progress within Philippines as one of the leading travel service provider and destination management company.

Organizational Chart


Tour Consultant
Tour Facilitator
Ticketing Officer
Tour Counselor

Wide Vision Tours is located at Unit 2- 2nd floor L. Bldg. Barangay Mayamot, Sumulong highway Antipolo City.

Features and Services
Wide Vision Tours offers a fun and excitement tour packages that fits to every person who wants enjoyment.
Wide Vision Tours packages cater to the following: College tours and exposure trip
Educational tours for preschool to high school
Adventure packages which include eco-adventure and surf camp
Company outings and team building seminars
They also do airline bookings and ticketing
Personal Experience

As a Tourism student, I am thankful that I already finished my first On-the-Job-Training. Being in a Travel Agency is not that easy for me, we are the one who makes itineraries whenever we have a customer who is asking for a tour package. There are times that the clients are demanding, but we have to explain them what we have to. We are also the one who will ask for the rates of some places in Manila so that we can make a package for the high school students. We get brochures from the Department of Tourism (DOT) that we knew that they were located near Luneta Park but then when we got there, people said that DOT was transferred at Makita. It was a productive day, but was a tiring day. We also depart our clients to the Airport, they are 32 persons that booked at Wide Vision Tours but they are divided into two because there are no availability on the same time of travel to Malaysia. There are times that we need to attend a awarding, the first was at Star City, Wide Vision Tours is the 7th placer, the company brings a lot of students at Star City this is because of Sir Jun’s hard work.

The second awarding was held at Kidzworld, Dasmariñas, City. Wide Vision Tours is the 13th placer in the Lucky Me! Happy House Plant. We are proud that we have given a chance to attend those awarding, and we are thankful that no matter what, Wide Vision Tours is always the one who makes our tours. To be in a Travel Agency is happy, we can learn a lot, we can do things that we didn’t think that we can. Like waking up at 1:00 A.M because we are one of the tour guides. Yes, we have experienced to be a real tour guide. We went in Bataan to have their Visita Iglesia. It was a long trip, I’ve experienced to sit in the stairs of the bus because there are no sits available, it was all occupied by our passengers. It is nice for me that I have experienced that thing. We have learned a lot from this company, and it is like we have faced the real world. They let us experience what the real work is. They touch us how to be responsible, they train us well and give us enough knowledge that we can apply on our future careers.

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