Book Cover Analysis on the Pinocchio Effect Essay

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Book Cover Analysis on the Pinocchio Effect

Upon going through the vast artwork, one particular piece grabbed my attention. It was of a line up composed of men in boxer shorts in different colors. The overall look of the work gave it almost a vintage feeling because of the way the figures were drawn. It gave a sort of “pin-up” feel. Although composed of men, you can not help but be transported through time just by the visual aspect. The book was entitled “The Pinocchio Effect: On Making Italians, 1860-1920”. It dawned on me that these were Italians lined up, in a way that is reminiscent of a group of new recruits waiting to get their gears for war.

As I further observed, these figures were progressing, starting from left to right. And taking this into consideration, I realized that this was a crude depiction of the evolution of an Italian man. The use of this illustration was very effective in stirring up intrigue in the work and as well as reinforcing what the book was about. Further research on the contents of the book revealed that this was indeed a book about the progression of the Italians after different Italian states began uniting into one nation (Stewart, 2007).

This artwork was done by Isaac Tobin, an artist particularly renowned for his works on graphic design. The original look of the figures depicted in the work was compromised by the addition of color on the trunks. This added a comical feel to the overall mood of the figures, but is nonetheless effective in drawing out attention and to provide a contemporary feeling for the art. Overall, this artwork leaves a lasting impression and certainly a valuable addition to the cause of the book. It took the theme of the book and properly wielded the appropriate sources to tell its story at a moments glance.

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