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Book binding

OBJECTIVES:2. OBJECTIVES:The term ‘binding’ is sometimes used to describe the cover of a book. For example, you might refer to a book as having a binding of leather, or being bound in linen. But binding also means the act of attaching many pages to one another to produce a book. Bookbinding is a very old craft and the techniques used in hand-binding have hardly changed over the centuries. Mechanization has changed the way most books are made but hand-bound books still use the same the techniques and equipment.

As a craft, bookbinding plays an important role in the production of artist’s books, the preservation of antique books, and in training for fine arts students. As a commercial process, bookbinding plays a role in the lives of any consumer who picks up a book or magazine. Advances in commercial bookbinding techniques have greatly improved the cost, and therefore accessibility, of printed material all over the world. IT: 3. WHAT DID YOU DO TO ORGANIZE IT:A prior permission has been taken from the Teacher-in-Charge of our institution to perform the work.

Eight students of class VIII, Sec A are selected to participate with me. The Biology Laboratory of this institution has been selected as the working place. I first told the students the procedure of book binding:• Stapling and Sewing – The collected papers exactly the same sized are piled them up. Then staple down/sewed along one edge. • Gluing – A white paper paste, or “library paste,” is good for most purposes. • Covering – Any book will be enormously improved if it has some kind of a cover. The cover doesn’t have to be cloth or cardboard or particularly heavy.

[email protected] com 1 BOOK BINDING CONTRBUTIONS:4. CONTRBUTIONS:• MINE – I directed as well as helped the students how to prepare for such works. • MY HEAD TEACHER – He encouraged and motivated me to perform the work. He also helped me by inspiring the students also. He also helped me by granting a fund for that. • MENTOR – The Principal, Prof. D. P. Nag Chowdhury of the College, Shimurali Sachinandan College of Education was the mentor who helped me mentally as well as providing printed materials to do the work.

The Director of the workshop, Prof Trishna Goswami as well as the Coordinator, Prof. S. R. Adhikari of the College, Shimurali Sachinandan College of Education, P. O. – Shimurali, District – Nadia also helped me in many ways. A book binder of that locality also helped various ways to make successful this work. CTIVITY: 5. OUTPUT OF THE ACTIVITY:Students can bind books at home following these simple instructions. This is so simple that the students themselves can make them for the joy of learning science.

It can encourage them in publishing business. PERSONAL:6. YOUR PERSONAL:• OBSERVATIONS – Students shortlisted the materials from their book or as directed that are needed to perform the work. Sheets of paper for binding into a book, Bone folder, Studio Tac double-sided adhesive, Heavyweight papers for end pages, Pencil, Jade glue, Paint brush, Headband tape, Craft knife, Binder’s board (acid-free), Book canvas, Iron-on transfer paper (optional)are collected by the students from their homes and market. Then [email protected]

com 2 BOOK BINDING they started the work following the book binding procedure as stated. My students enjoyed this very much and many of them tried this on their own. • EXPERIENCES – Teaching children about the publishing business entails more than writing stories and creating characters. In fact, you can turn any English lesson into a crafts project by introducing children to bookbinding activities. • DIFFICULTIES – Manipulatives and experiments are teaching aids that the children are allowed to play with and touch.

Hence it was a time consuming process. FROM:7. FEED BACK FROM:• STUDENTS – The participants were fully satisfied and wished such programme to be of more and more so that they could update their knowledge & activity. This is the spirit of teaching and learning. With hands on activities they acquire first-hand knowledge which inspires them to pursue the field of publishing to become successful who is the wealth of a nation. • COLLEAGUES – They highly appreciated such activities more and more so that the students can easily understand their lessons.

The students can test these works without any fear of cost or breakage. This is so simple that the students themselves can make them for the joy of learning science. Teaching children bookbinding is a way for them to become part of this long tradition of book arts in a fun and imaginative way. • MENTOR – He thanked me so that I have done the work accordingly in involvement with my students in my institution. This will be proved very useful in rural and urban schools as well. ************* [email protected] com 3

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