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Book Essay Examples

Chapter 4 Of Carter’s Book

Warren Carter’s book offers the necessary understanding of the Christianity’s initial stages. The book’s structure is such that it revolves around seven important events that had a great impact on Christianity in early times. They briefly include the following: the demise of Alexander , comparison between Jesus and Alexander, the translation’ process of scriptures from…

Marketing strategies, tactics, and techniques: A handbook for practitioners

Psychological marketing Introduction             In a broad spectrum, there are different techniques that are used by sellers, marketers as well as the entire production companies to market their products as an endeavor to lure customers towards their side. One of those techniques is known as “Other-enhancement”. Essentially, other enhancement is one of the techniques that…

The book’s topic “Never Let Me Go”

The book’s topic, “Never Let Me Go” Introduction             The topic “Never Let Me Go” portrays gripping of humans stripped their identities and then labeled as copies in a bleak world in which human clones are socially accepted. These human clones are used for organ donation to the real people. Additionally, the title “Never Let…



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Air Forces Northern incident awareness and assessment playbook

Ethics Introduction             The United States Northern Command (USNORTHCOM) is the combatant command that is responsible for security and defense. They conduct Defense of the Civil authorities through providing capabilities to the DOD, Department of Defense from their land, air and sea components in support of the leading federal policies geared towards responding to any…

My opinion about Catherine Hayles’ book

My opinion about Catherine Hayles’ book Introduction             I disagree with the conclusion of Catherine hayles book and her latest advice.The picture that Catherine Hayles frames is that human being fear to be post human .In her argument She puts information as the core that only requires a conveying media and that media can be…

Solar domestic water heating: The Earthscan expert handbook for planning, design and installation

Solar Water Heating Introduction        Solar water heating is an emerging current trend being embraced by home owners and estate developers. It is a current technological development that is aimed to harvest the solar energy and utilize it to raise temperatures foe water used for domestic purposes, swimming pools and other functions. The…

Is Facebook Making You Mean?

Technology has taken over in the 21st century; the influence of the internet cannot be underestimated. Life is not as it used to be-the communal relationships that thrived before the internet age have been replaced by secluded living. Undoubtedly, technology has changed the conventional trends of human relations and processes into liberal and dynamic patterns….

Analysis on the characteristics and features of Facebook that promotes narcissism on the Filipino Youth

ANALYSIS ON THE CHARACTERISTICS AND FEATURES OF FACEBOOK THAT PROMOTES NARCISSISM ON THE FILIPINO YOUTH THESIS STATEMENT: Although social networking sites open different opportunities for the users to socialize effectively, communicate faster and relatively cheap, and gatherinformation, the medium of communication promotes psychological incapacities, specifically narcissism.  Introduction With 93.3% of the nation signed up in…

Facebook is a necessary evil

Facebook in simple terms can be defined as a social networking website that enables around a billion people worldwide to connect with each other via the internet. Following its initiation Facebook was labelled as an essential tool for communication whereas these days it has mostly been used as a tool for practising of evil deeds…

Summary of Chapter 6 Analyzing Consumer Markets – Marketing Management book by Kotler, 2012

CHAPTER 6 – Analyzing Consumer Markets The aim of marketing is to meet and satisfy target customers’ needs and wants better than competitors. Marketers must have a thorough understanding of how consumers think, feel, and act and offer clear value to each and every target consumer. Successful marketing requires that companies fully connect with their…

Workbook Exercise 11

1. What demographic variables were measured at least at the interval level of measurements? Age, income, length of labor, return to work, and number of hours working per week 2. What statistics were used to describe the length of labor in the study? Were these appropriate? Mean and standard deviation were used to describe the…

Never judge a book by its cover

In this discussion, information will be provided to gain understanding of why it is important not to judge individuals just by their appearance. It will provide information on the reasons why an individual may choose to live in alternate lifestyles. It will also provide information on what motives an individual needs to provide justification for…

How to Mark A Book

Active reading is important because it keeps your mind dynamic and promotes a better understanding of what you are reading. You are able to answer questions you have that come up throughout the story-line and solve problems or confusions about the plot or characters. As you read along, you can make notes either agreeing or…

A Book That Changed My Life

We have to admit that some great books have the power to heal our souls and make us better people. Around The World in Eighty Days is just such a book to me. This book is a fiction story written by a French writer, Jules Verne. In this story, an Englishman, Phileas Fogg and his…

Facebook Case Analysis

1. Why and how do people use Facebook? Facebook is now one of the biggest platform to help people connect with friends and family. People share their information with each other on Facebook. People use Facebook in three broad ways. Firstly uploading and sharing photos, videos or statuses this acts as a means to connect…


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