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Bond/writing paper

Bond/writing paper Characterized by its weight, thickness, surface texture and grades, bond paper is a strong and durable paper. It has a basic size of 17 inches by 22 inches and a basis weight of 13 to 25 pounds. Erase capability, good absorption and rigidity also characterized it. (Bear, About. com) The basis weight can be defined as the weight of a 500 sheets or a ream of a paper measured in pounds that are cut to a standard. (Bear, About. com and International Paper Company) As mentioned in the first part, 17 inches by 22 inches is the basic size for bond paper.

This is classified as 24 pound-bond and was determined since this one ream of bond is cut to its basic size but if it weighs 24 pounds. The same thing goes to a ream of bond cut also to its basic size but weighs 30 pounds which is then called 30 pound-bond. (International Paper Company) The standard size identified for bond papers does not necessarily mean the same for all the grades of paper. The standard size of a paper grade of bond will determine the basis weight and the final size of the paper is not necessary needed in doing so.

(Bear, About. com) The weight and thickness may have little effect on the quality of a printed image in the paper. (SimplyPhotoPaper. com) In fact, it may have no noticeable effect at all on the printing quality. However, thicker and heavier paper provide more substantial look to the printed materials and are good in holding ink coverage. (Bear, About. com) The classification of the types of pulp, the treatment used in the production of paper and the end use of the final paper product is what refers to us as paper grades.

Common paper grades classified are bond, book, Bristol, cover, text, and newsprint. (Essence Printing Inc. ) These grades of a paper provide a level of brigthness or surface characteristics that are used on the other hand to determine the grade level of the finished paper. It is classified from the “Premium” which is the highest level to “5 as the lowest level. Some text and cover are classified as A or B grades. (International Paper Company) The surface characteristics of the paper of whether it is smooth, glossy or rough is what we refer as finish or surface texture.

To gauge these characteristics of paper, we use the smoothness level measurement which vary in each kind of surface texture. This level is expected to be high when the surface of the paper is flat and even. Smoother surface will help the accumulation provide a sharper and higher quality image. (International Paper Company) These characteristics of a bond paper or writing paper affects its printability and quality. Printability is the ink receptivity, uniformity, smoothness, compressibility and opacity. (Georga-Pacific) Opacity refers to the percentage or the amount of light that can get or pass through the sheet of paper.

(International Paper Knowledge Center) On the other hand, compressibiltiy is the decrease in the thickness under compressive forces or pressure which is relevant in letterpress printing and is measured as a ratio or roughness. (PaperOnWeb) Moreover, print quality is the standard set wherein the outcome and other properties of a print reach or is near the result we want. (Europapier International and Biltpaper. com) Paper surface texture such as roughness, gloss, ink absorption, whiteness and brightness affect the print quality. (Ballarpur Industries Limited and PaperOnWeb)

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