Bombing of Marshall Islands Essay

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Bombing of Marshall Islands

The bombing of Marshall Islands, which Marshallese people will never forget. An awful act on the United States for testing nuclear weapons. People on the Marshall Islands were terrorized because of this. They suffered dramatic loses between families. And remorse that will never be forgiven. Having this coming from the United States was fair because of the war they were going into. It would be beneficial to research new bombs to test out before using. After this event the Marshallese a person were being cared after by the government, but is this compensation worth it. The testing of weapons worth, risking the hopeless innocent lives.

People of the Marshall Islands don’t deserve to be treated how the Americans did. “The islanders suffered skin burns, and their hair fell out. Yet, in a statement to the press, the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission stated that some Americans and Marshallese were “unexpectedly exposed to some radioactivity.” This happened because of the unexpected winds the U.S never predicted to happen but in their mind it wasn’t a worry. Some people were drastically affected from the radiation like Jula she suffered greatly from the bombings, deformation of her chin and mental retardation. Something that you can’t just take back and say nothing happened. Another incident happened when a mother gave birth to her baby but had defects like hydrocephalus which enlarges the skull and compression on the brain and could cause seizures. The United States immensely destroyed the Marshallese not only physically but their island as well.

As the United States you would have to understand that testing of nuclear weapons was not only necessary but it will also get us ahead in advanced bombs. That people yet still have to understand. By testing at the Marshall Islands it was safe from the mainland and safe enough to observe and take test. This is why “Micronesia has been shaped and influenced by “the goal of maintaining and increasing U.S. power and advantage in the region.” In the Marshall Islands, the US tested a total of 66 atomic and hydrogen bombs between 1946 and 1958.” By testing this military weapon it made U.S a might that no one could match. The program of nuclear research was right to end wars and conflicts.

As the result of the bombing the Marshallese people were given money and free programs they could sign up for. “In 1986 a Compact of Free Association went into effect between the United States and the Republic of the Marshall Islands. The compact established a $150 million fund to compensate the Marshallese for damage done by the U.S. nuclear testing program. The United States accepted “responsibility for compensation owing to citizens of the Marshall Islands. For loss or damage to property and person of the citizens of the Marshall Islands.” Just because the United States compensated for their loses, it still was not enough to bring back their loved ones. People that come from the pacific look down on Marshallese people because of the recognition they received. Because they never had at least an apology.

People that were treated like the Marshallese people lived a rough life. Having to abandon your home and even your family just because the U.S said. Winning the war is great but how can you say that if it took the lives of many to achieve. Even if the U.S only compensated the Marshallese people and not everyone else who suffered from the U.S. Not only the people were hurt but everyone around as well, but we still wouldn’t live this day if the U.S didn’t test nuclear weapons.

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