Bolsheviks and Revolution Essay

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Bolsheviks and Revolution

It is time to take action. Let go of the old ways and embrace a new one that promises betterment for yourselves, and especially a brighter future for your children. Let us abandon centuries of being poor, illiterate, and subjects to the select few. Our ancestors have quietly, and perhaps, gladly accepted the Tsar and the so-called nobility’s orders, demands, and humiliations. Perhaps they were glad, and perhaps they were not. They may have secretly wanted something different for us, their children. But without anyone leading them, they kept their secrets in their hearts.

Now is the time to realize our forebears’ dream of a free people in a free nation. A nation where the masses’ needs are heard and taken cared of. We are all tired from the promises of liberation that some groups have postulated but never made true. To take up force is regrettably necessary to dislodge the wealthy, fat and richly-dressed nobility. They have an over-abundance of land that provides them with large incomes. They have excess food on their table that they never knew what being hungry means. They have armies and soldiers that fight for them during war.

Their children will grow up with no fear of the future for their wealth and their status would speak wonders for them. Did you not wonder how it’s like to have even a portion of what they have? Wouldn’t you like to prepare even the simplest food to calm your children’s hunger so that they may sleep the night full, instead of choosing to sleep in order to forget hunger? Our children deserve to eat and be clothed with warm clothes during the bitter winter months. We all deserve better than what the royals and the autocrats deem to bestow on us depending on what they think our worth.

We are people like they are. They shouldn’t have more of what’s their due while we get little of what’s rightfully ours. 2 Wouldn’t you want to till your own land and enjoy your own produce instead of tilling a land and giving the produce to your rulers? The peasants sweat and work each day to make the lands productive. And what do you get in exchange? You pay outrageous rents to people who never had their nails dirtied. These landlords never knew the kind of labor that each one of you has to go through everyday in order to feed your families.

Yet when harvest comes, they get the lion’s share of the income, while you’re left with barely enough to last you till the next harvest. Many of our youths won’t even have the chance to become farmers. They’d be forced t wander and become laborers in somebody else’s land. Are we to continue catering to the very few who are in power? I say no. Let us be one and take control of our future. Wouldn’t you want to stop this war with the Germans in order for us to get on with our lives without fear of getting attacked? Let us stop fighting useless wars that cause famine in our lands.

Let us call our soldiers home to help us attain a new government — a government that is for the people. A government where each one of us share equally in the bounty of our lands. The government should be for us, common people. The nobles and the royals are but a few in this vast nation. It is us who make this nation function. We toil, we labor, we die so that a few elite could continue with their dinners and banquets and extravagance. I say, we must put a stop to this folly. For it is folly to submit and choose a greatly flawed system.

It is folly to continue in this dismal state when there is a way to improve our lot. Let us make Russia a land of the people. Let us all be called Bolsheviks, for the name would be remembered in a distant future as the people who brought change in a country that has the potential to become great. We must change; and change requires no other way but to take up arms and fight. Fight, if we must. Fight the dictators of the land and drive them away from their throne. We have to unite and act. Food, land and peace. These, my friends, are our rightful due.

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