Boeing Successful operations and resolution Essay

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Boeing Successful operations and resolution

Boeing is the world’s leading aerospace company and the largest manufacturer of commercial jetliners and military aircraft combined and missiles. The success of Boeing relies on a number of factors. This study focuses on how Boeing’s success in operations and resolution of problems depends on forging good relations with the government with which it operates. 1. 1 Background-Boeing has a long tradition of aerospace leadership and innovation.

The company continues to expand its product line and services to meet emerging customer needs in the world, its business cycles involve manufacturing of commercial jetliners and military aircraft combined and missiles. 1. 2 Statement of the problem- the operations of Boeing is characterized by highly competitive and sensitive businesses of supplying even military commercial jetliners and military aircraft combined. It is the quest for the study to understand the level of loyalty and relationships with the governments that it serves.

1. 3 Scope of the study is broad comprising of the whole Boeing flight business arena and includes the government that it gives its services to. 1. 4 Research questions- how does Boeing relate to the governments that it serves. – What kind of services does Boeing provide to these governments 2. 0 Objectives- -to determine the degree which Boeing relates with its clients and the governments it serves.

– To investigate on the nature of agreements that exists between Boeing and the governments that it serves. 2. 1 Methodology will involve data collection from both primary and secondary sources. 2. 2 Justification of the study-success of Boeing depends on its relationship with the government it serves. 2. 3 Significance of the study international flights needs to harness their cooperation with the governments that they give the highly sensitive services in order to maintain the international standards on war gadgets such as missiles.

2. LITERATURE REVIEW –the general reader is made to understand the history of Boeing and its Business niche, how it relates to the government and the achievements, thus the body of the research reviews the concept of the problem, past experiences, present actions and helps in focusing to the future. 3. 0 METHODOLOGY 3. 1 sample selection, criteria and sample description 3. 2 research instruments- questionnaires and oral interviews 3. 3 Method and procedure of administration-data collection will be done with administering of questionnaires to the relevant authorities in the governments that it serves.

And the public relations department of Boeing 3. 4 limitations may include inadequate finances, scope of the study is broad, the respondents can give incorrect data to keep their operations confidential. 3. 5 sources of data- primary sources and secondary sources 4. 0 DATA ANALYSIS AND PRESENTATION, factors, characteristics, demand, profit, the role of the government, 5. 0 Conclusion and recommendation-Boeing has related to the governments it serves by boosting the countries economy, provides employment, joins the government’s efforts to enhance environmental protection hence its involvement in government operations. ?

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