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Body strength Essay

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My pre test scores show that I had a relatively high VO2 max and that I achieved a level ten dead on the bleep test. In my max rep test I lifted 37 kg bicep curling static weight. I had relatively strong arm muscles before the circuits. To increase this strength I had to overload my system with extra weights for station which required me to improve my upper body strength. For the stations that I had to improve my muscular and cardio vascular endurance I simply increased the time each week by 10 seconds, this is progression therefore increasing my strength and VO2 max as the post test scores show. Allowing overload I also rested each muscle group e.g. each exercise following the previous did not work on the same muscle group so after bicep curls I acted upon my muscular endurance by performing step ups. This allowed me to progress but not push my muscles to the point of fatigue.

Taking into account that I need to improve my upper body strength stations such as pull ups, bicep curls, sit up, dips and push ups will work on upper body whereas skipping and running will improve my cardiovascular endurance. Performances such as step ups and ladder drills and sit ups will improve muscular endurance. My circuit was easy to set up because it required the equipment that was already there and I had no extra equipment to obtain because it was all there. I did make one change to the circuit and that was only removing an exercise because at the time I felt that s.a.q hurdles wouldn’t have benefited me, now I feel that it would have worked on my cardio vascular endurance.

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Recording my progress was simple because it only required me to write down the time next to the reps. I had to push my self harder each week because the time increased each week. Pushing my self required motivation, which I had from my partner, so after most sessions my muscles felt fatigued, however after the last circuit due to the fact that I had little motivation I didn’t work hard enough and so did not feel muscular fatigue.

The first session left my muscles feeling more fatigued than after the other sessions. As the sessions went on I felt little different after each circuit because I was increasing the time. The bleep test shows that I did increase my VO2 max by quite a lot. Increasing the level from level 10 to 11.9 I feel that this was partly due to the circuit and the fact that I ran the first test on a Friday at the end of the day whereas I redid the test on a Tuesday morning. I increased my max rep test by 10kg so I was able to lift 47kg. I achieved 7 more sit ups taking my total to 43.

These tests show that I progressed due to the circuits. If I carry on with some sort of circuit after I finish I will not loose what I have gained. However if I do nothing, reversibility will come into play and I will lose what I have gained. To continue this I will carry on with regular runs and will still be playing rugby. Shortly after I performed my circuits I had a knee injury which put me out of playing any sport or running for 3 months so the increase in Vo2 or endurance was partly wasted. Muscular atrophy is the wastage of the muscles and this occurred in my left leg because it was unable to bend so I could not exercise it. I continued to work on my upper body strength so I still have what I had gained.

With hindsight I would have changed my circuit by adding in where I had a rest station, using the s.a.q hurdles, I felt that it was important to have at least one rest station so that my muscles could rest ready for the shuttle run. Here it was important for me to keep my muscles warm otherwise they would have began to cool down and fill with lactic acid, I would have been more likely to damage them. So station 5 could have been a stretch station. I feel that only one rest/stretch station was necessary and at the other I would have included some sort of boxing bag and repeatedly punched it for 2 minutes every circuit. This would have helped my cardio and muscular endurance massively.

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