Body Language Communication In Nursing Essay

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Body Language Communication In Nursing

You are approached by a Grandparent who is hearing impaired how do you facilitate the best environment and through your body language and how you speak with him to ensure you communicate with him in a way which meets his needs and is respectful of his impairment I was approached by a child’s Grandparent with an hearing impairment who wanted to speak to me I instructing the Grandparent to follow me to somewhere quite, has this allowed us to speak and there to be no interruptions or other notices to distract him or myself, I looked at him and make eye contact when I spoke this allowed him to lip read if he needed to and continue eye contract when he spoke back to me to let him know that I paying attraction, I spoke clearly in a steady pace but not too slowly so that this made him feel that I was talking to him like he was incapable of understanding, he told me at one point that he did not hear me I did not get frustrated with him I just repeated what I had said a little louder and tried to make my speak more clearly and tried to steady my pace a little more, I tried to always make him feel comfortable in my company and that his impairment was not an issue and that he could approach me at any point he needed to and that I would listen and do my best to communicate in a way that he was comfortable. (Case Study)

You have children in your setting whose parents do not come to the setting as they walk there or are dropped off by day nursery staff or childminders. How do you ensure parents get the information they need. At the school that I work we send regular letters home to all parents and carers and on a weekly basis we send a newsletter home with every child, when in placement I hand each child the letters in their hand and they I instruct them to put the letters into their reading folders for parents and carers to read, I then walk around the classroom to ensure that each child has placed the letters into their reading folders, if there is a letter of great importance then there is a text message sent to all parents or carers informing them of the letter and its importance and that they must check their child’s reading folder.

If there is a matter that is very important or urgent for example a possible stranger danger then a text message would be sent immediately to the parents or carers followed by a letter sent home. If a child minder or day nursery staff collect the child I myself of which ever teacher spoke to them they would also inform them of any important letters in the child’s reading folder and inform them to let the child’s parent or carer know when they collected their child.

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