Body Condition Scoring Selection Of Ideal Animals Biology Essay

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Scoring agencies measuring different organic structure parts of animate beings to look into whether animate being is good for dairy intent and muttoneef, or non, and to measure the demand to butcher the animate being.

Now a inquiry buttocks why we score the animate beings 's organic structure? We score the animate being organic structure for different procedures.

The most of import intent is to look into the sum of fat in animate being organic structure.

The most of import regionpart where we look for sum of fat is

1. Loin

1. Loin: -

In loin, we consider country bw hip bone and last rib.

Tail: -

We check degree of fat in hypodermic tissue.

To look into the balance between feed consumption & A ; energy degree

Loss of Energy: -

3. It is used to look into the comparing between the animate beings whether it is good enemy meat and dairy intent. We besides check this animate being for its province of health-absence or presence of any morbid status.

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4. To look into the direction of animate being at different physiological phases e.g. at have oning, genteelness, break uping etc.

Aims: -

The aims of organic structure status hiting are: -

To increase the production and reproduction in those animate beings.

By increasing the production, we mean increasing milk production. If we have to utilize for making purpose and we need an increased meat production for. IF we want to heap so for beef production, so increase reproduction agencies to utilize such type of animate beings which have good familial makeuppotential.

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To look into the old provender that check the type of provender, supply of provender whether good for carnal ingestion or non, sum of provender that how much is supplied to animal.

To find the provender demand and animate being that how much the animate beings need to keep their optimal organic structure conditions.

To asses the carnal s ' wellness status, whether the animate beings are healthy or non.

To look into the carnal s ' direction during erosion, genteelness and calking.

To look into for human behaviour toward animate being because it is of import for their public assistance.

Body marking Of Dairy Cow: -

Body pars of cow: -

Animals require different types of mutients for different intents particularly for:

Body care.

Location for dairy intent.

The growing.


Besides necessary for fetal development.

Graph Explanation: -

In this fig, it is explained that if animate being is at maintainedmid gestation organic structure mark will be 4.5, or at the location of birth the organic structure mark will be 5.5, At engendering organic structure status mark will be 5, at location organic structure mark will be 4.5 and at have oning organic structure mark will be 4.5. If the above mentioned conditions are non filled. It means animate being is non in good or healthy province, Then we need to be concerned about carnal wellness concentration on animate beings wellness.

`` Purpose of maintaining the dairy anima s ' the production of milk, and the beef or mouton type animate being to acquire good or more sum of meat from healthy animate being. ''

In order to hiting the dairy type animate being we have to maintain several pigments.

% age for general visual aspect =15 %

% age for general dairy character = 20 %

% age for general organic structure capacity =10 %

% age for general mammary system=40 %

% age for general legs and pess =15 %

Choice Criteria and scaling: -

If % age 90-100 so carnal see first-class.

If % age 85-89 so see really good animate being.

If 80-84 so see animate being is good asset.

If 75-79 so animate beings merely good.

If 65-74 so animate being is merely just.

If 50-64 so animate being is in hapless status and animate being demands proper instance

1. General visual aspect: -

Breed Features: -

In strain features we consider the construction of animate being, which includes caput should be orderly and clean. Muzzle should be wide be strong.

ii.Stature: -

Stature means tallness of animate being, It besides includes length of bone

iii.Front End: -

It should attach to with front legs that should be straight, broad and forthrightly arranged

four. Shoulder blade: -

Shoulder blade be againstopposite to the wall of thorax.

v. Back: -

Back should be straight and strong.

six. Loin: -

Loin should be broad and strong.

seven. Hindquarters: -

Rump should be long, broad and up to the pin bone.

eight. Thurls: -

Thurls should be broad and should be in centre of pin bone and hip bone.

nine. Tail Head: -

Tail caput should be small spot between pin castanetss, and there should be no saltiness.

Dairy Character: -

Neck: -

Neck should be long, clean and wholly blended into shoulders.

Witherss: -

Witherss should be soup and outstanding.

Rib: -

Ribs should be broad, level, and deep.

Skin: -

Skin should be thin, loose and fictile.

Body Capacity: -

Thorax: -

Chest should be deep and broad.

Barrel: -

Barrel should be long, deep and broad.

Flanks: -

Flank should be long and broad.

Mammary System: -

Udder deepness: -

Udder deepness should be moderate, should be at the degree of Rhine wine articulation.

Teat Placement: -

It should be forthrightly topographic point on every one-fourth.

iii.Rear Udder: -

It should be broad and high, should attach from top to bottom and udder floor should be round.

iv.Udder Cleft: -

It should be supported by strong athletic supporter ligaments.

v.Fore Udder: -

It should be moderate length and of sufficient capacity.

vi.Teats: -

It should be cylindrical the size should be unvarying, and length should be medium.

seven. Udder Balance and texture: -

Udder floor should be balanced when viewed from sides.

Legs and Feet: -

Front Legs: -

They should be at steep angle, good rounded with closed toes.

Hind Legs: -

They should be straight, broad and forthrightly placed.

Rhine wine: -

It should round and flexible, holding no saltiness.

four. Pastein: -

It should short and strong and should besides flexible.

Foot: -

It should be at steep angle, and rounded.

Body ScoringGrading: -

For organic structure hiting we have to maintain the organic structure portion of animate being which contains big sum of fat. The most of import portion fat is accumulated

I. Loin

ii..Tail caput

Rating: -

Body ( Condition ) Scoring =1: -

Loin: -

In loin, the borders of transverse procedure will be shoup.

Description in loin: -

Tail Head: -

In tail part, there will be fatty tissue between tegument and pelvis country.

Body score 2: -

Loin Part: -

Ends of transverse procedures will be round. Upper surface can be felt by using force per unit area. Depression can be seen easy on loin.

Tail: -

Pin bone will be outstanding, tail will hold shallow pit. There may be small bit fatty tissue around tail caput.

Body Score 3: -

Body Score 3.5: -

Loin Area: -

Thick bed of tissue is present on the top of cross procedure. Depression on loin country is about filled.

Tail Head: -

Tail is wholly filled with fatty tissue. Pelvis can non be easy felt because of presence of fatty tissue. The best organic structure status is 3.5, because in this there is normal.

Loin Area: -

When force per unit area is applied on the borders of transverse procedure, we will experience that there is a thick bed of tissue on its top. There will be a little depression on loin country.

Tail Head: -

Tail is covered with fatty tissue, but pelvic girdles can be easy seen.

Body Score 4: -

Loin Area: -

Depression on loin countries felt in mark 3 and seen that cross procedure is filled with thick bed of tissue.

Tail Head: -

Fatty tissue creases are present. Tail caput is wholly filled with fatty tissue.

Body Score 5: -

Loin Area: -

Transverse procedures are wholly with fatty tissue fat.

Tail Head: -

Tail and pelvis wholly covered with fatty tissue.

How to hit the beef type animate being? -

Beef Type: -

For beef type, we have to look into the skeleton structure/muscles of animate beings. In this mark 1 represents excessively thin or emaciated carnal and score 9 excessively much corpulent animate being.

Scoring: -

Body Score 1: -

In this mark animate being is excessively thin.

Skeletal musculus are easy seen by oculus.

There will be no absence of musculus tissue and fat.

At this phase animate being is considered to be under nourished

Body Score 2:

Very thin.

Skeletal musculuss can easy be seen.

Muscle tissues are present

Fat non externally seen.

Body Score 3: -

Animal is thin.

In upper skeleton part that is most outstanding is vertebra, hips, pin castanetss etc.

Muscle tissues are abudent.

Fat is non obvious.

Body score 4: -

In skeletal part, border O skeletal musculus,

Hook and trouble bone can non be easy seen exercising force per unit area on it.

Large sum of tissue seen.

A batch of fat present.rips are covered with fat.

Body Score 5: -

Ribcage can be seen.

Hook and trap bone can be easy seen but non so abundant.

Muscle tissues are are about more.

Shoulder wholly covered with fat.

Ribs are besides covered with fat.

Body Score 6: -

Rib coop small spot seen.

Hook and trap bone is besides less outstanding.

Presence of musculus tissue is more.

Shoulder is besides filled with fat.

Ribs are besides filled with fat which besides covers the hindquarters part country.

Body Score 7: -

At score 7, animate being is said to be over conditioned.

It is really hard to place the skeletal constructions.

Large sum of fat is present at shoulder or tail caput.

Body score 8: -

Animal is considered over conditioned.

Skeletal musculuss are non easy seen.

There is deposition of fat at hindquarters part.

Fat besides covers the shoulder and brisket part.

Body Score 9: -

Animals are considered to be `` corpulent '' .

Brisket is excessively heavy.

In all the above marking, the best 1 is body mark of 6 because in this hook and pin bone are non so sufficient muscular fat and tissue.

Body Score of Goat: -

While hiting. We have to maintain following things in head. General visual aspect, % age for this is 30 % and mammary system: 30 % , Dairy Character: 20 % , organic structure Capacity: 20 %

General Appearance: -

Stature: -

Meanss tallness of animate beings of castanetss.

ii.Head: -

It should be medium in length, Muzzle should be wide, Nostrils should be unfastened and big, and Jaw should be strong.

three. Back: -

Back should be strong, vertebrae should be straight.

iv.Rump: -

Rump should be long, broad and leveled.

v.Front Legs: -

They should be broad apart and directly.

vi.Hind Legs: -

They must be perpendicular from Rhine wine saint to pastern, pastern must be of average length.

seven. Foot: -

Feet must be short and consecutive.

Mammary System: -

i.Udder: -

Udder must be long and broad.

ii.Rear fond regard: -

It should be high and broad. It must be balanced and symmetrical.

iii.Fore Attachment: -

It must be blended swimmingly with organic structure.

iv.Teats: -

Nipples must be unvarying and of proper form, length and size. They must be cylindrical. They must be arranged forthrightly.

Dairy Character: -

i.Neck: -

Neck must be long and thin ; it must be swimmingly blended with shoulders and brisket.

ii.Withers: -

Witherss must be utile defined and have wedge form.

iii.Ribs: -

Ribs should be broad, wide and long.

iv.Flank: -

Flank must be deep, arched.

v.Thighs: -

Thighs must be level when viewed from side. They should be broad apart when viewed from rear side.

v.Skin: -

Skin must be loose and fictile.

Body Capacity: -

i.Barrel: -

It must be deep, strongly supported, ribs must be broad.

ii.Heart Girth: -

It must be big, forribs must be good sprung, and chest floor must be broad between front legs.

Extensive muscular growing countries: -

Hind quarters




Largely observe spinuous procedure, Transverse procedure and oculus musculus for hiting.

Scoring: -

Body Score 1: -

Poor status

When observe spiny procedure, it will be outstanding and crisp.

Transverse procedure should be soup can be felt

There will be non fat covering and on oculus musculuss.

Body score 2: -

Animal is said hapless status besides called `` thin '' .

At 5 pinous procedures, it is outstanding but so smooth.

At cross procedure it will be smooth, rounded, can be easy seen by exercising really low force per unit area.

On oculus musculus it will be moderate, there will be small fat covering.

Body Contemning 3: -

It is said to be in `` good status '' .

When we observe spiny procedure, there will be little lift. it will be rounded.

At cross procedure it is smooth, when use small force per unit area we can feed over the terminals.

There will be moderate fat covering

Body Score 4: -

By using force per unit area on spiny procedure we feel difficult line at the dorsum. It is said that animate being 's `` fatty '' .

At this mark oculus musculuss are thickly covered ;

Body Score 5: -

Animal said `` really fat '' animate being or `` corpulent '' animate being.

Both spinuous every bit good as cross procedure can non be felt by using force per unit area.

There will be thick fat covering on oculus musculus.

So the best mark of caprine animal is score 3 as the animate being said `` good status animate being '' .

It is ideal goat figure.

It is seen that loin is long, deep and broad as mentioned earlier.

Hindquarters is called leveled.

Leg is besides good muscled.

Body is deep, Neck is besides trimmed and long.

Legs and pess besides forthrightly arranged.

Front legs are broad apart or good settled

Pastern besides straight and strong.

Body Score of Sheep: -

Body mark of sheep besides same as marking of caprine animal same evaluations. If the organic structure weight of sheep is 13 % the organic structure mark will be 3-3.5 that consider as moderate organic structure mark.

( Body portion of sheep )

Body status of Ewe alteration harmonizing to the production rhythm.

Body marking of Mutton type animate being: -

For the mouton type animate being we have to analyze ;

Weight: -

If body weight of Ewe is 13 % so organic structure mark will contradict 3-3. , so harmonizing to fluctuation in production rhythm organic structure mark will besides change.

Skin: -

Skin should be bright, free from dust up.

Fleece: -

Fleece must be pure, uniformal distributed long and heavy mulct and bright.

Gun muzzle: -

It must be all right and wide in instance of roam and anterior nariss should be unfastened.

Face: -

Face should be short it must ne mulct in instance of Ewe and strong in instance of random-access memory.

Eyess: -

Eyess must be orderly and clean, free from syrupy.

Brow: -

Brow must be wide in instance of Ewe, and decently wool should be at that place.

Ears: -

Ears should be all right, must be in proper length decently covered.

Neck: -

Neck must be short in shoulders.

Shoulder: -

Shoulder should wide wholly compact.

Forelegs: -

It is necessary that forelegs should straight non in curving signifier must short.

Foot: -

Feet must strong.

Thorax: -

Chest must be deep, broad.

Brisket: -

Brisket must be wide.

Back: -

Back must be good fleshed, wholly consecutive and wide its surface and with medium length.

Loin: -

It must be good fleshed wide and consecutive.

Hindquarters: -

Rump should be long, decently leveled and broad.

Thigh: -

It must be filled with musculus.

Hind Legs: -

It must be straight and short, bone should be smooth.

How to Analyze: -

At first look into the length that starts from last rib and ends at the dorsum of dock.

After that determine length, look into breadth, loin deepness and analyze how much its thicknss, deepness, soundness and muscular development.

Then look into length, breadth of hindquarters part.

After this examine the volume and deepness of musculus on leg part, and look into muscular structure on its legs.

Graph shows that engendering organic structure weight must be 145lb and so organic structure mark will be 3.25, when lambing the organic structure weight must be 165lb and organic structure mark will be ablactating organic structure weight must be 140lb and organic structure mark will be 2.5 to 3.0

Choice of ideal sheep: -

We have to choose that sheep that hindquarters must be long and leveled. Head should be up non confronting downward, chest must be broad, organic structure must be deep. There will be a batch of musculuss on cervix average legs must be good muscular structure. Bone must be in proper size and construction, should be of good form.

Body Score of Camel: -

Scoring of camel can be done by appraisal of fat that is present in the bulge part. Camel shops its energy in signifier of fat in the bulge poke and may be in internal liners.

Other species like cowss and American bison shop energy in signifier of fat in the bomber cutaneal tissue, some of the internal liners and most of musculuss but in camel it is stored merely in bulge poke or some of internal liners.

How to Score The Camel: -

Score 1: -

At this mark anchor is more outstanding, no demand to exercise force per unit area to experience backbone presence.

There will be no fat at brisket part.

At this mark it is considered that animate beings under nourished, it is necessary to demo some concentration on camel s ' nutrition.

Score 2: -

At this mark we can easy seen anchor, ribs are outstanding

Briskets are house.

Score 3: -

It is a good mark.

We can easy experience the back bone but it is non be so much prominent.

We can experience the ribs.

Can be seen the brisket until and unless carnal non undergone the motion.

Score 4: -

Considered `` Slightly fleshy '' .

Anchor can non easy felt, Ribs can non be felt

Score 5: -

In this mark 5 animate being is said `` corpulent camel '' .

Anchor and ribs can non be seen or felt.

Can non be felt by using force per unit area.

This type of animate being has some losingss in instance of production and reproduction.

The best Mark is 3 because in this mark animate being has normal fat and musculus at anchor and rib part Camel neither said emaciated nor obese/fatty animate being.

Decision: -

Throughout treatment we can reason that it is economically of import to cognize that wellness position of animate being at different physiological phases. If we do n't demo and concentration on animate being 's wellness economic losingss will happen.

Good direction patterns should follow during genteelness, calving/lambing, lactation.Body marking is besides of import for animate being 's public assistance.

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