Bobby Jindal as president Essay

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Bobby Jindal as president

Last fortnight, the United States of America made history as it elected the first non-white President. The historical elections also made it possible for any American to dream of reaching the White House. One name which has been doing the rounds for the past several months is that of Bobby Jindal. Bobby Jindal is the son of Asian American immigrants. In 2007, when he was elected as the Governor of Louisiana, he became the youngest current Governor of a US state. He is also the first non-white governor of Louisiana. At the young age of 37, he has a dazzling resume and is seen by many as the Republican answer to Barrack Obama.

The 2012 elections are still four years away, but going by his growing popularity, it would not be surprising if he decided to run for the president during the next elections. Bobby Jindal has the talent and the qualities to win both the Republican Primaries and finally the General Elections to defeat Obama and become the next President of the United States. Winning the Primaries: The first step to becoming the President of the US is winning primaries. Jindal could easily be the frontrunner in the race for the Republican nominee.

He is a typical right wing Republican candidate from a conservative state. In a conservative state like Louisiana, he was able to overcome the disadvantages of his ethnic background to be elected as the Governor. He has also proved to be an able administrator as seen in his handling of the Hurricane Gustav, where he issued mandatory evacuation orders. His taking over the commands in this battle against the Hurricane would look extremely good on his records and he will be able to project himself as a man who fights in face of problems rather than one who prefers to participate in a televised speech.

Jindal’s stand on ethics reform has also been exemplary. The steps he has taken to remove corruption from the state of Louisiana, are unprecedented. If his reforms meet with the intended success, this could be another star on his political career. Even in his short career, he has come out as an inspirational speaker and a shrewd politician, with a finger on the pulse of the general population. In the next four years, his popularity is only going to grow, as he learns the ropes of governing.

While it is not easy to winning the primaries, Jindal could prove to be the best candidate the Republicans can field for the next elections. Winning the General Elections: Once Jindal has won the primaries, the next step in the Presidential race would be winning the General elections. This may not be so easy since on a national platform, Jindal may be seen as an ultraconservative. However, in his few months in the office, he has won hearts of the democrats. Immediately after winning the gubernatorial elections, he went about setting up a bipartisan administrative team.

He was careful not to hurt the democratic sentiments. His bipartisan tendencies will help win the votes of many democrats and fence sitters. The ethics reforms initiated by Jindal in Louisiana can be taken to the national level. This is one big plus point in favor of Jindal. We do not know yet how Obama’s Presidency will turn out to be. But if economy is no longer a problem by 2012, Jindal can easily play his anti-corruption stand to win the Presidential race four years from now. Works Cited “Commentary: Jindal’s bipartisan tactics take rivals by surprise.

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