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One of the main problems for Bayerische Motoren Werke (BMW) is whether to expand business operations r in Europe. This was based off a 450% increase in sales from 2011 to 2012 and an improved model car, the BMW X3. There is also a planned expansion introducing 14 new models. What would be recommended is the target of younger generation drivers and the "Soccer Moms". This will allow mass communication to take effect; therefore, allowing a model that pro se cost of $60,000 in the United States to cost $60,000 euro's in England ( prices in England more expensive, more bag for the buck).

Critical Issues

Looking at the case there two problems; one is whether to expand the business back in Europe at a presumably high fixed rate of starting a new business and/or take over a building in Europe and possible having to renovate or two maintain the current situation of the BMW and possible new products and a fickle American Public that wants things on a now basis.

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Culminating BMW

Culminating BMW and its brand of X3 has produced some startling numbers from 2011. It has become the best selling model in the United States producing 27,793 cars which 42% of the active customers have been linked to BMW via face book, video or other social media outlets. This Global footprint will allow the BMW to increase both import and export of the BMW series. Keep the pace

BMW's Spartanburg location has implemented state of the art engineering which has allowed the company to lower the energy consumption by 48%, reduce water consumption and CO2 emissions by 44% as well as reduction of waste output by 48%.

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This is critical for maintaining its economic advantage in the coming years and to be that dominant luxury car provider. Conclusion

caseIn summary, the 4 P’s, Price, Product, Promotion and Place, is critical to determine the strategy. Each of which has been determined. The price will range between $37,100 and $42,700 for the BMW X3, the product BMW X3, the place Spartanburg, South Carolina. The marketing strategy should be to enhance the customer experience by specification pricing of the buying
experience, rebates and mass communication.

Updated: Jul 06, 2022
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