Bmw Case Study Essay

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Bmw Case Study

1. Describe the segmentation and the targeting strategy used by BMW in marketing the MINI and the Certified Preowned BMW.

Market segmentation means different type consumers are looking for different benefits because they have different situation. Therefore, the consumers are divided into different groups. The similar situation people have similar ways of making decision. The MINI designed by BMW is target at some women around 35-45 and students. The students can afford the MINI and they like the fashion design. Women like the size of the car and it is not very normal in the car market. BMW Company advertises the MINI on Internet such as Facebook, fashion magazine, movies, and music video. Therefore, this group of people attracted by the MINI through the media they focus on. Nevertheless, Certified preowned BMW meet some graduate business people’s favor. First of all, the BMW cars are very welcomed by business people. However, graduated student do not have too much income to pay for the new car and insurance. Therefore, new business people will choose to buy preowned BMW, because the prices are not high as the new car.

2. How is the BMW positioned in the consumer’s mind? Describe the typical BMW driver using psychographic and demographic variables. What leisure activities does this driver engage in? What are the drivers’ hobbits? What magazines dose the driver subscribes to?

The position of BMW in consumer’s mind is excellent and successful because the high quality, fashion design, and luxuries configuration are better than other brands. And BMW also represents the consumers’ social position. Because it is so expensive that not anyone can afford it. The typical BMW driver is upper class. They usually beyond forty and have high education. Most of them are business people or professional. In a word, they are very rich and successful. They also want people admire them by the expensive BMW. The drivers always like to travel around the world, play golf, and shop luxury. And the drivers’ hobbies are driving luxury cars, collecting expensive watches, playing golf or horsemanship and gardening. They like the magazines, which related to economy or upper class life, such as time, economic.

3. What strategy suggestions would you offer to BMW to ensure that the MINI and the Certified Preowned BMW do not dilute the BMW brand

If BMW want to ensure that the MINI and the Certified Preowned BMW do not dilute the BMW brand, I suggest they to ask MINI and the Certified Preowned BMW do not use their logo. MINI can create own logo. It is not only a new start for MINI, but also a good guarantee for BMW brand. In addition, I think BMW can ask MINI and the Certified Preowned BMW to make their car excellent, keep high technology and provide good after-sale service. It is also another way to ensure their brand. Third, I think BMW should pay attention to own product. If you design more excellent car and also make some diffidence in appearance, I think people would like to pay more money to buy the new BMW.

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