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BMM notes

Attempt all the questions.
Read the question carefully before answering.
Figures to the right indicate full marks.
Illustrations/ Layout is not Compulsory. But ensure to give a clear and concise description of the visual.

1. Answer any four :
(a) What is the difference between Political Advertising and Government Advertising? Give one example of each.
(b) What is creative? How important creative brief is for writing copy for a product? (c) How is reason why copy different from slice of life copy? (d) What are the essential qualities to become a good copy writer? (e) Explain the importance of sub-head for the print media.

(f) What are the different types of copy? Explain one in detail. (g) Explain the following terms (Any three) :(i) Zoom in
(ii) Dissolve
(iii) Wipe
(iv) Pan.


2. Answer any four of the following question :(a) Write short note on, Copy for Children as the Target Audience. (b) Give two examples each of comparative and demonstration type of advertising.

(c) What are the essentials of a Good Poster?

(d) Give your comment on ‘Daag Achche Hain’, Television commercial. (e) Analyse any one of the recent public service television or print advertisement. (f) (i) ‘Maine poocha kya’? is the base line of which detergent brand ? (ii) ‘Insan Phone lete hain baat karne ke liye,’ is the line of which television commercial?

(g) Explain the various stages of producing a TV commercial?


3. Answer any two :
(a) Radio advertising creates a ‘Picture in the Mind’. Explain? (b) Write a 30 sec Radio spot for Shopper’s stop, Highlighting, Range and Location.

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(c) Write a direct mailer to the prospective Customer in Bandra, persuading them to place their monthly grocery requirement to ‘Sangam’, A Hindustan Lever Limited Venture. Sangam provides free home delivery within an hour.


4. Multimedia campaign and strategy (Attempt any one):(a)
VIP luggage is launching a new campaign to reinforce its new image of a company marketing trendy luggage for upwordly mobile young professionals. They have added new design and different colours in their portfolio of products. i. Prepare a creative brief for Making Impact on the Target Audience. ii. Create a press advertisement campaign based on the creative brief. iii. Prepare a storyboard for television commercial based on the creative brief.

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The recent cases of corruption among a few police officers tarnished the image of Mumbai Police. The Commissioner wants to improve the public image of the Mumbai Police.
i. Advice them on strategy and baseline.
ii. Develop a 3 advertisement press campaign.
iii. Develop a storyboard for a 30 sec TVC.

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