Blueprint Professional & Personal Growth Part II Essay

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Blueprint Professional & Personal Growth Part II

This paper is my analytic theorem to my Blueprint of Professional and Personal Growth from the course “Dynamic Leadership”. It gives a brief breakdown of my path to achieving my MBA. An executive summary is presented to show how the course educated me in a more systematic way and how it helped me identify my qualities as a leader and my values. Furthermore, in detail is three (3) goals I plan to achieve in my personal and professional development.

Executive Summary Throughout this course, Dynamic Leadership has educated me and enlightened me in three aspects – being a leader, a follower and recognizing your personal values. Both leader and follower have a similar notion but with different service to offer – one portrays his dream and plans his mission and the other help to achieve this goal. Each of them have values, principles and ethics they live by whether in their work paradigm or at home.

As this course engulfed me with so many different stages, I was able to identify different qualities of leaders and followers, what are their competencies, their different leadership styles and other leadership theories, how followers contribute to achieving the set goals, their weakness and strengths, their passion and purpose, the right timing to a right decision making, how values, principles, ethics and goals intertwine with ones personal and professional lives – individually and eventually to where it clarified profoundly, my Blueprint for Professional & Personal Growth.

In general to be precis, Dynamic leadership shown me how to distinguish my leadership style(coercive, authoritative, affiliative, democratic, pacesetting and coaching styles) and projected theories to help me improve my direction as a leader in my organization. I was able to extricate my weaknesses and transform them into strengths. Not only I was able to listen more to my followers – opinions and advices, I was also guiding and sharing my experiences with them, involving them into my goals and boost their motivation. I was authoritative and afraid as I couldn’t trust my staff to delegate and take initiative.

But this course has given me insight to better understand how effeicient and effective a leader should be and given the ability to self-manage. I learnt that to be adaptable in leading todays world of business requires strategic sense of personality infliction – meaning flexibility in switching leadership styles with your staff in order to maintain balance and result into productive work and innovation. Likewise, I was able to understand the different competency in followership and how to guide my followers inorder to be effective in their job.

Through the interesting stories of successful leaders, my passion did find its purpose by instilling creative ideas, how to lead a diversity of different nationals, globalization, the power of technology merged with business (e-business), adapt to change and have a sight for long term goals. I realized how confusing my goals were, until I took the Personal Value Survey, it enlightened me in details and more clarification how to set my goals smartly, calculating time, recognizing my milestones and how to achieve them. Fascinated by the discussions of different points of views from my peers, made me relish the successful results I gained.

Not forgetting few resonating statement, an interview with Kimberly Carter, “How would I know wether I could be successful at my venture if I didn’t try…. A sense of responsibility to encourage others by helping them recognize that they cannot grow unless they realize they don’t fit in any predefined box…”. Her story made me put out my capabilities without fear, voicing out what I believe is right or wrong, allowing me to take risks and be prepared for any challenges and moreover to recognize the efforts of those contributing to achieve the goals by understanding them and allowing for innovation by giving them the initiative.

Furthermore, Deb Henretta’s interview also displayed so many reflections in the way she runs her business as I have a little similarity managing and leading mine. Some important factors that she tackled in correspondence to other articles that I have read in the book of “Passion and Purpose” which have connections in how I run and manage my organiztaion. Such as the importance of your personnel satisfaction that will result into better use and expansion of their abilities in which it is also stated in an article by Dominic Barton (Coleman et.

al, 2012g), the importance of working with the team of diverse individuality “Embracing the Global Generation” (Coleman et. al, 2012) and also recognizing the distinctiveness of every staff regardless of their gender, sex or race “Nonconforming Culture” by Kimberly Carter(Carter,2012). In conclusion, by recognizing my values, principles and goals, I was able to have a picture of how long I can achieve my set objectives and more precisely how I go about in attaining it.

With my MBA, I believe not only I can change certain things but also develop it into a higher success for a longer term effects. The shared practices within the forum, helped me to be more analytical and logic. Reading from my peers their diverse experience and goals, not only powered me to achieve more, open other types of companies, listen more, better creative ideas, but most importantly they give me the “determination” in achieving them without fear and be prepared to face predicted chalalnges.

Below is three (3) goals I am driven to achieve within the time frame of 5 years and even more, given that one of my goals is to instill for a longer term. Blueprint for Professional & Personal Growth Part II Action Plans During the shared practices and articles read during week 6 & 7, I was able grasp the significance in the ability to draw out the values, principles and goals wether you are a leader, a follower or an individual. I was able to draw out many short and long term goals and have them prioritized.

From the action plan that I have set, I am actually thinking of acquiring another MBA in Marketing. My mother said to me once that she has always seen the lady of substance in me. Through this clarification of my personal values I plan to be more than what she portrays me to be and someday be a renowned strong wealthy business woman – like those popular strong business men in Forbes magazine. My definition of wealthy is not by any fical monetary terms but by the power of accruing knowledge and wisdom.

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