Bluegrass Bend by Mandy Magro

Bluegrass Bend by Mandy Magro is a fictional Australian rural romance novel. The story of two people, Ivy and Ronny, who by fate end up living in the same country town, trying to save Ivy’s family farm and equine therapy business, fall in love but a traumatic experience in the past and a secret threatens their trust for each other (Magro, 2016).

I read the novel thoroughly as it was engaging, gripping and captivating; every chapter had a twist and turn leaving you unable to put the book down because you want to know what’s going to happen next.

It unfolds interesting character depths and there were life lessons and experiences that made the story feel realistic, for example, the importance of forgiveness was a strong theme throughout and the equine healing therapy was intriguing as I’d never heard of it before (Magro, 2016). I read Bluegrass Bend as I had read some of Magro’s other rural romance novels in the past and thoroughly enjoyed them.

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2. My reading habits are accustomed to fictional novels, especially romance, with tragedy and mystery intertwined into them, for example, Nicholas Sparks novels. I enjoy dystopian novels such as “The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins or “1984” by George Orwell. I also find autobiographies and true stories very fascinating as well as anything with some aspects of history in it. I love being able to read and learn new things and be captivated by new knowledge, understandings, values and experiences. Reading can be so engaging as it can transport you into the world of the characters, take you to different places, widen your imagination and your worldviews.

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Margo (2016 – pg. 21-22) expressed in her novel, it’s where the horses lend their hearts and souls to us, taking us on a deeper journey of self-discovery; this is the same with reading, it can inspire, teach and develop understandings of yourself, others and the world.

Living in modern society, I read a lot online, especially without realising it, for example, articles, recipes, or posts on Facebook. I love reading the local newspaper because I like to know what is going on in the community and I read textbooks for study and schooling purposes.

I try to read in my spare time, particularly at night to unwind after a long busy day, not only for pleasure but to get away from technology that surrounds our everyday lives. I use it as a way of relaxing and to reduce stress. I used to read every afternoon and all weekend, but I’ve found I have become distant to those habits as life and work gets busier, you tend to start making excuses.

The last time I didn’t finish a book was in my junior years at high school; Othello by William Shakespeare (2nd edition-2005). The reason being at the time when studying it, I couldn’t comprehend the Elizabethan language and as I found it hard to understand and interpret, I lost interest in it very easily. The language and vocabulary used into this play is different to the language written today so it isn’t as straightforward to read and requires more depth and reading between the lines to understand the meaning of each scene (Shakespeare, 2005).


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  • 2. Presents a critical and reflective personal response in investigating their own reading habits. Is highly reflective and incisive in analysing reading practices. Is highly reflective in analysing reading practices. Describes and analyses reading practices Describes reading practices adequately. Does not describe or analyse reading practices.
  • 3. Takes care with referencing and presentation details. Perfect referencing practices. Referencing clear and consistent. Genuine attempt to adhere to style guide. Genuine attempt to reference texts. Adequate references not provided.
  • 4. Uses clear expression and accurate grammar. Writes with excellent grammar, imagination and flair. Writes clearly and imaginatively. Writing is always clear. Writing is mostly clear. Writing is ungrammatical and difficult to comprehend.

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