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Blue Streak

Blue Streak’s problems affecting its offices in neighboring state rooted from these factors: Poorly stated goals/objectives/working policies/working procedures, poor delegation of authority, lesser innovation, poorly organized management. Considering the complaints of the managers i. e. , Art’s frequent visiting, there’s nothing wrong with conducting frequent site visitation because it does have many benefits i. e. , Art is updated with what is going on with each of the many offices, and in fact, big organization have in-site managers.

However, there possibly exist invisible reasons behind this scenario, and that is what Art should figure out. Identify problems affecting each office Being a manager, especially when you are a visiting manager is not an easy task. You should learn to listen to site employee complaints or suggestions. By discussing problems with the employees, the management can identify threats and opportunities affecting the organization. Art should also discuss the trend in the delivery request in particular areas. To eliminate costly operation, it is important to consider whether to stop or continue operation in places where income is very low.

Evaluate Managerial Performance Art should check the effectiveness of his managers’ performance and the factors affecting their performance. Poor production can possibly come out after poor delegation of authority, or from poor assigning of tasks. Putting the right people in authority should be observed at all times. Are site managers skilled enough to handle their responsibilities? The Parity Principle states that authority and responsibility should coincide with each other. Do they have good relationship with their subordinates? Job Scope and Job Depth should be defined and observed well by all people within the organization.

Also ensure that the Manager’s Span of Management is properly identified and delegated. ConsiderEmpowerment and Accountability Considering the complaints of some managers of their authority to make decisions, Art should consider the possibility of empowerment. In most cases, it gives any people within the organization the comfort of job satisfaction, and a sense of belongingness. Art should discuss this problem with the managers, and his employees. The scope of Managerial power should be defined, including when and what guidelines managers should observe in making decisions, and the accompanying accountability issue.

Managers and subordinates should know their accountability to every decision they are about to make. Ensure Goals/Objectives/Policies/Regulations are Effective and Observed Art should consider reviewing organizational goals or policies. These are critical factors in the operation of the organization as it serves as the foundation of all efforts. Unrealistic goals or policies should be eliminated. Working procedures should be employee-friendly but objective-wise. Managers and employees should be given a working environment which gives them satisfaction. Implement Internet-based Communication System

Innovation plays a very important role in the success of every organization. We have the internet today which allows many managerial functions to be performed regardless of physical location as long as you have a PC connected to a network or an internet. The website can give customer the comfort to make delivery request on the net, track delivery status, or send complains. Another advantage is information sharing within the organization. Important information can be stored in one location such as a server, and be available to different people within the organization based on a limited access basis.

In this condition, Art or any site managers may no longer need to travel to attend meetings regularly, or to hand-carry, or mail reports. That’s would surely cut cost allocated for traveling allowance of managers or key people. Implement a Computer-Based Delivery Tracking System Art should consider implementing a computer-based database for keeping records of, and tracking deliveries. By doing this, clerks can easily track delivery dates, and status of all client requests. This can be partially implemented locally within each office, or by incorporating it with the company website.

Organize Managerial Structure Blue Streak management needs to structure their organization. An overall President should be elected, then a vice president, site managers, and so on. The line of how these people at different levels should communicate needs to be defined. By doing this, we can ensure unity of command, and that the chain of command is observed. WHAT MANAGEMENT SKILLS MUST ART MASTER IF HE IS TO RESOLVE PROBLEMS AND CONTINUE TO GROW? Art should master the managerial function. These are the 4 managerial functions: Planning, Organizing, Staffing, and Directing.

To be a good planner, Art should be vigilant with the trend in the business market, should know his business very well, and identify threats and opportunities, and maintain good relationship with other people within the organization. Art should also learn how to motivate people, and listen to people to ensure that organizational structure remain strong. When it comes to staffing, Art should know his employees very well – their skills, working attitudes, and other traits which are critical to his performance at work.

By knowing co-workers, directing them to cooperate towards achieving common goals will be much easier. It is also very important to be realistic in making decisions. When setting up goals, key people like managers, or employees should be given an opportunity to participate.


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