Blue Gold Essay Topics

Color blue

Blue is the favorite color of all people. It’s nature’s color for water and sky, but is rarely found in fruits and vegetables. Today, blue is embraced as the color of heaven and authority, denim jeans and corporate logos. It is cold, wet, and slow as compared to red’s warmth, fire, and intensity. Blue has… View Article

The Internet: A useful tool, or fools gold?

There are very diverse, yet equally compelling, views of the Internet in today’s culture. Differing opinions especially emerge when the Internet is analyzed for its effectiveness as an educational tool. The Internet can be viewed as either a useful tool for learning and exchanging ideas, or viewed as merely another addiction that detracts from learning,… View Article

Blue Gold

This is a documentary about the ever increasing water crisis in our world today; what is causing it, the consequences, and how to stop it. Ecologists everywhere began to take notice of the “desertification” of our planet and the dire consequences ahead if it is not stopped. The urgency of this issue is one that… View Article