Blue collar jobs Essay

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Blue collar jobs

Are blue collar jobs less appreciated? Mike rose, thinks there are no fair share of recognition among people in the working class society. Rose was stressing his point to say that, in as much as the white collar job (workers) are perceived in the society as higher educated people it brings conflict among us. Also making the minimal jobs look less valuable and cripple our ability to talk across cultural divides. Blue collar jobs are far more effective; without these kind of jobs, it will be pretty difficult to communication and relate with different culture or society of creates hope for those who had little or no opportunity to have sound education. What makes us is the ability to fit into the society of different class such as upper class, middle class and lower class. If everyone are destined to be a lawyer, doctor, politician, banker, etc. it will cause inflation in the society, leading to lack of diversity in division of labor and mediocrity in the society. Looking at it, we all are equal and none is indispensable of another.

We all need each other to survive be it blue collar jobs or white collar jobs. Making blue collar jobs no less good than white collar jobs. As rose notes, ‘’Broad knowledge and intuition about the ways and the rhythms of the restaurant business. Waiting on seven to nine tables, each with two to six customers, Rosie devised memory strategies so that she could remember who ordered what. And because she knew the average time it took to prepare different dishes, she could monitor an order that was taking too long at the service station’’ (244). She was smart and knew how to deal with her workers and also customer knowing in mind she a family woman who got attention from male customer and tips on how to deal with their needs. According to rose, ’’Joe learned the most efficient way to use his body by acquiring a set of routines that were quick and preserved energy. Otherwise he would never have survived on the line’’ (248).

His uncle learned and taught himself how to be efficient with time and also maxima the best out of the material and still come out with a great result of production. This can’t be learnt at school rather it requires first hand approach with the knowledge of know-how, and create a skill and set of work to come out supper productive. In all, it’s convincing that hand work creates skill set. It opens the mind to explore and be adventures. Risk takers gain result, because once you fail, you learn from your mistake and correct yourself on how to go about it next time. It creates healthy environment for communication through service offered to customers e.g. hairstylist, plumber, Welder, driver, body guard, beauty salon, maid. Etc. Also mutual understanding is gained through hand gesture, sign, picture and even spending adequate time to clarify a point or idea.

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