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Bloomberg will text


Essay, Pages 3 (538 words)



Essay, Pages 3 (538 words)

Bloomberg will text you a log-in authentication code that you will need to complete your account creation. If you do not have a cell phone, you can select an option to have a Bloomberg representative call the computer operator’s desk in Mann. The number is 607-255-3240. Provide this number on the form. 5. Once you have submitted the form, you will receive a text almost immediately or a call within 5-10 minutes. (note: If you select the option to call the computer operator’s desk, the Bloomberg representative will send a confirmation number which you will see on the Bloomberg screen.

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You will need to read this number off to the representative. ) 6. Login with your newly created login information and you are all set! The Basics Bloomberg is largely a command and mnemonic driven database. This means that you have to enter commands in a certain format, and that there are “codes” (or mnemonics) to get specific pieces of information.

Typically you will have 4 available screens to work from (although more can be added). Select any one of these windows and you can get started. The format Bloomberg prefers is basically the security identifier (usually a ticker) followed by the market (e. . Equity, Commodity, Currency, Treasury).

Use the Yellow keys to select the Market. This will take you to that securitys Main Menu. You can then use the mouse to explore for the information you want. As you learn the “codes”, it’ll become much faster to go directly to a certain piece of information rather than search through the menu.

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You can add a code at the end of the command line to go to that piece of information directly. For Financial Analysis it looks like this: GOOG FA Auto-complete If you do not know the Ticker for example, you can start typing in the Company Name, nd Auto-complete will give you a number of options to select from.

For example, if you start typing in Corning (do not hit), a drop down list will appear giving you the name of securities with Corning in the Name (in this case GLW US Equity is the main page for Corning). You can also use Auto-complete to fgure out some of the codes. For example GOOG PIE will give you several options for viewing the Price to Earnings ratio for Google. Bloomberg University The Command based system that Bloomberg uses does take some getting used to. Because of this, they have developed an in-depth, 8 video training program called the Bloomberg Essentials Training Program (or Bloomberg University).

To get there, type in BIJ in the command line and select the View Training Videos Option. There are 4 Core Videos that are recommended for everyone; Getting Started, News, Market Monitors and Excel. There are also 4 Market videos with details on searching for securities in that Market. These are Equity, Fixed Income, Commodity and Forex (or Acknowledgement of Completion (“Certification”) There are 5 exams that you can take in Bloomberg University that test your understanding of the Database and to some extent the content. There is a single exam that matches with the 4 “Core Videos”, then a single exam for each of the 4 major Market Sectors.

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