"Bloodchild" by Octavia Butler

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Humans are known for taking ultimate sacrifices. The story “Bloodchild” by Octavia Butler explains the relationship between post-apocalyptic humans and aliens called Tlics. These humans serve as hosts for the Tlics, while the female aliens impregnate the male humans. Bloodchild portrays a story about sacrifice and how people look at sexual abuse differently when gender is involved.

First of all, the most important sacrifice is when gan gives himself to Gatoi instead of giving his sister. Gan states, I shook my head, don’t do it to her Gatoi.

(Butler 17) Gatoi tries to convince Gan that his sister will be used to it since human females are used to it. Gan is not having it and makes the decision to carry through with Gatoi. He sacrifices his body for safety and more importantly his sister. Eventually, Gan takes another risk with a terran. Butler explains, there, I put the gun back in it’s hiding place. If Gatoi noticed the achti’s wounds and demanded the gun, I would give it to her.

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(7) knowing the consequences Gan still helps lomas due to his helpful character. Gatoi could have got him in a very though situation but he carries on helping a man who is in agony. Putting people, you care about before you, are the most unselfish trait and very few people like gan have this.

Lastly, this is apparently a love story, but in reality, it is about sexual abuse. For example, butler clarifies in the text, she undulated slowly against me, her muscles forcing the egg from her body in to mine.

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(18) It’s trying to show the reader gentle details, but those eggs are drugs, which relax the victim so they are more obedient since they are sedated. The text says she even forces herself on Gan because this is something nobody would do consensually. In addition, Gatoi does not give Gan a choice on impregnating him, It will be easier for Hoa. She has always expected to carry other lives inside her. (butler 17) There is an option on the table but just like in sexual abuse cases this is one that somebody gets hurt no matter the decision, Gatoi knows can wouldn’t give his sister up but she uses that as an excuse to remind him in the future. The Tlic even tries to make him feel better by saying she is a human female that is used to it, showing how manipulative Gatoi could be.

Overall, sacrifice and sexual abuse are the main topics in this story. There is nothing to sugarcoat about giving eggs to sedate someone to then impregnating them when they do not want that to happen. Just like in real life, there are many Tlics doing that to terrans, just how in today’s society there are many men that abuse women sexually. Nothing is picture-perfect at the Tlics provide food and shelter but in return you are giving them your life and identity that could even turn out in death.

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"Bloodchild" by Octavia Butler

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