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Blood is Thicker Than Water

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Essay, Pages 1 (184 words)



Essay, Pages 1 (184 words)

Is this true? Are there any science experiments that proves this saying? Scientifically, no. But when it comes to real life, blood represents family and water represents everyone else Tell me, who was the first to see you walk, or her you say the first word ‘mommy’? Was it your family or your friends whom you cherish more in this life? With no doubt it’s actually your family. What right does it give us to neglect our family, to give less attention to them, to prioritise work more than them? This essay will convince you why this proverb is true.

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To start with, this proverb goes down without much argument that blood is thicker than water. Family should always come first and friends later. Both family and friends will give you emotional support when you need it, but not both will be there for you throughout the ups and downs in life. Friends may abandon you when life gets a little tough, but family rarely abandons you.

The closest example that are common is when you lost a job or you have poor health.

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